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11+ Fundraiser Worksheet Template

Starting a project requires funding, be it personal, charity or business. If you don’t have enough funds, you can raise funds. A fundraiser needs a fundraiser worksheet template so that all incoming funds are organized. Here is how to make a good template and advantages as a fundraiser.

Sample Free Fundraiser Worksheet Template

Creating Fundraiser Worksheet

1. List the financial data

Projects that will be done certainly require a certain amount of funds. Make the list of what is needed, the number of units, and the estimated price. Afterwards, estimate who can become a donor, the company’s address, and the department that can be contacted. Donors can come from a variety of party ranging from foundations, companies or governments.

2. Evaluate and eliminate

Of all the names of companies or foundations that can be sources of funds, re-evaluate the list of donors. Can the project you are working on be completely unrelated to them. You can look for other donors who may not have worked with you. Contact in advance the possibility to ask for funding sources before sending a proposal.

3. Decide the strategy

Many strategies you can use to raise funds. The most frequently used is to send proposals to potential donors. Proposals can be made unique or formal, according to the theme of your project. Making a proposal must be neat, complete, accompanied by expected income. Explain how your project will benefit the donor.

Reasons Being Fundraiser is Fun

1. You’ve Many Experiences

Raising funds from various parties means that you must meet with many people. The people you meet, of course, from various sectors, backgrounds, and uniqueness so that you learn to deal with them. In this case, a lot of experience and opportunities you get. Without you realizing it, this is also the best way to build a network.

2. You aren’t at the desk

Working behind a desk is boring. Unlike a fundraiser who goes out to attend meetings, meet with donors, or even have to go to the offices of other organizations. Your quality will be tested because you have other activities. The more you meet other people, the more you will learn.

3. Taking place as the leader

A fundraiser is usually accustomed to facing rejection. On the other hand, you will also get used to collaborating in a team. This opportunity will lead you to become a leader. In many organizations, fundraisers have basic skills and influence in the public.

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A fundraiser is a career that is desired by many people. Start by raising funds for your project, especially for charitable purposes. Don’t forget to create a fundraiser worksheet before. Sheets will help you to create a list of donors more organized.

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