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5+ Frayer Model Template to Change your Learning System Easier and Fun

5 Designs of Frayer Model Template to Change your Learning System Easier and Fun

At this time, the students demand their student to be more creative. When a teacher is able to build good communication with the students, the class becomes more alive. A frayer model template is a tool making you more interactive. This tool is not only for one subject but also for the others. Exactly, it helps your students to get many vocabularies and they can increase their comprehension better. If you never use it before, try to start with the empty Frayer model template. However,  you need to know the designs of the template first.

Editable Frayer Model templates

Create the Frayer Model Template from 5 Choices

The frayer model template gives a good role for the teachers and the students. With this model, the student can absorb the insight from the more complex concept. Okay, learn from 5 template design below and then start to get the software:

  1. Printable frayer model

The first design eases you to make it in Words and PDF. You are able to take it as the reference on Doc. This printable template with four categories and an oval shape in the center. Start with preparing the hard words, theorems, formulas, definition, examples, and non-examples. Then, use your own words to describe the words in the definition column. Do not forget to add your examples and the non-example.

  1. A blank flayer model

You will make four categories for the term, examples, non-examples, and the extension. Insert the keywords or icons on the term and the examples on its table. Then, fill the extension with the implementation in the real world.

  1. The printable template of frayer model

The format of the frayer is similar to the first design. Later, you can use it to the system usage.

  1. Editable frayer model

The template is appropriate to teach mathematics and solve the problem. Do not forget to add examples and non-examples on the design. Edit the template on your Words with inserting charts and pictures.

  1. Vocabulary frayer model

This design combines four templates from the first model. However, the square shape replaces the oval shape in the middle space.

Tips to Use the Frayer Model in your Learning Process

In detail, a frayer model template is a tool with four quadrants surrounding a circle. The fourth quadrants will give a detailed concept under the definition. Meanwhile, the actual concept in the center will need the definition. Here are the descriptions of the frayer model:

  • Space for vocabulary to describe and define the vocabulary or concept.
  • Quadrants provide definitions of concepts or vocabulary. In addition, provide examples of how to use concepts or vocabulary, where and when not to use them.
  • The visual representation of this information will help students to have the ability to say things that must and do not use concepts.

Frayer Model Example templates1

Tips to play your flayer model:

  • Print the frayer model according to the number of your students in the class.
  • Share it to the students and recommend them to always use it as their conceptual reference.

Frayer Model For Vocabulary Frayer Model Printable templates Printable Frayer Model templates

Okay, surprise your students with the new learning concept which makes them feel more spiritual. The frayer model template really will change the nuance of your class and your students must understand the lesson easier. Believe it!

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