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12+ Fact Sheet Sample Template

Presentation of information to the audience would be better if it took the form of fact sheet sample. So far, many media have utilized fact sheet samples because they are easily understood and easily accepted by a wide audience. Various sheets have their own goals, different formats and different writing techniques. Here are some tips that you can use.

Sample Template Real Estate Fact Sheet Template

Tips to Create Fact Sheet

1. The right pronoun

Use “we” instead of “I”. The right pronoun can indicate whether your company is professional or not. When using “we”, you are talking as an agency or company, not a person. This will increase professionalism in the eyes of the client. You can use these words in slogans, visions and missions.

2. Make it basic

Long sentences or paragraphs look unattractive. Convey facts, advantages and all important information in the form of short points. Clients will see a simple but weighty appearance. Write information such as contacts in the header or footer section, while the rest is in the body of the sheet.

3. Common words

Information will be easier to digest if conveyed simply. Use common words so that the audience or client understands them more easily. Sentences should also be written short and clear, so they don’t save any questions when reading them.

Creating Attractive Fact Sheet Sample

1. As infographic

People tend to be interested when information is presented in the form of images. Visuals with certain colors are able to attract psychological interest. Make a design that is light but meaningful and in accordance with what you want to convey. Add short words in the form of information points in accordance with the parts of the image created.

2. Header and Footer

This section will be more interesting if used to load certain information. Include the slogan in the footer section and some relevant contact info in the header section. Fact sheets are generally made in the form of one sheet so that other parts can be maximized in loading other info. You can use different colors in this section to attract attention.

3. Write some facts

This method of writing tends to increase the curiosity of the reader. Take advantage of the points that favor your company. Show that the various benefits that clients will receive will not be found anywhere else. In marketing strategies, fact writing can increase sales rather than just another formal paragraph.

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You can use a variety of fact sheet sample on the internet as a template. But if you have different goals, you should design it yourself as needed. Do not forget to always make a simple fact sheet, presented in an interesting and easily understood by readers.

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