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10+ Fact Sheet Format Template

One type of sheet that can be used to make a particular track or record is a fact sheet. The contents are in the form of a document with long information about a particular item. Generally, fact sheet formats are made specifically and specifically. Fact sheet format has a variety of forms and you can choose it from the options below.

Sample Template Business Plan Fact Sheet

Kind of Fact Sheet Format

1. Business

A business plan is generally written in a sheet. The format of the writing is the stages to be worked on, the revision of the previous business plan, and how it is integrated with the future plan. Writing fact sheets for business plans generally uses important points. Some keywords may need help.

2. Company

Have you ever read a company profile? The sheet is also referred to as a fact sheet. Writing format in general is the history of the company, services gives, values, vision, mission, and community. All the points are explained briefly so that the appearance is not boring. Adding images is needed to make the sheet look attractive.

3. Project

If you are a freelamcer, maybe you already have a personal fact sheet about the various projects that you have worked on. The details are about the size of the project, time frame, strategic, cost, and complexity. Everything is organized into a scale ranging from small, medium, and large. This sheet will make it easier for clients to make decisions.

Making a Simple Sheet

1. The Header

You can write a little information about the profile in the header. The description of information is kept short including the name of company, profile name, link, address, and information. When readers read the sheet, they come to know who made the sheet and where to contact them if they need more information.

2. Essential information

The purpose of a fact sheet is to provide clear information about the product or service offered. In this section, write a brief description such as standing history, type, industry, location, and also the logo. The logo can be placed as the header or background of the sheet. Logo is very important to increase brand awareness.

3. Attractive footer

Don’t leave the footer section blank. You can use it as a place to put the company’s company so that it looks more memorable in the eyes of the client. Add information such as e-mail tools or contacts that you might not include in the header.

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Making a fact sheet format into one sheet is not difficult. You need to summarize important information about your company and products. Make sure the points in it are clearly stated. It aims to reach more audiences.

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