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9+ Excel Spreadsheet Template

Excel makes it easy for you to arrange a variety of data in large quantities. You can use it in various purposes ranging from accounting matters, translating it into charts and others. Previously, you need to know the types of excel spreadsheet that you can generally use for compiling worksheets.

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Kind of Excel Spreadsheet

1. Simple

This type of spreadsheet is the most commonly used for databases. Reports can be input in two styles, namely vertical and horizontal. The features in this spreadsheet are of course gray columns and row. When you decide to add new data, then you also need to insert those gray columns and rows between the cells.

2. Excel Tables

This spreadsheet feature was introduced in 2007. When compared to the simple table version, excel tables rely more on the automatic update feature. For example, giving column and table names to include new data. Spreadsheet format also automatically has names like table1, table2 which can be renamed to your liking.

3. Pivot Tables

Compared to the other two spreadsheets, pivot tables are more popular because of their powerful capabilities. You can use this table to summarized, sorted, even filtered. Nowadays pivots are relied upon for various purposes such as analysis and reports. The feature inside makes it easy for users to read data because it is able to simplify large-scale databases.

The Uses of Excel Spreadsheets

1. Calculate

You don’t need to doubt Excel’s ability to count. The various formulas make it easy for you to do this, even making it an unlimited calculator. Put a certain counting formula in one cell. Then enter the specific numbers in the cells listed in the formula that was written. Then the cell formula will display the results.

2. Chart

Data that has been input can be displayed in a visual form. Some choices include pie, scatter, line, bar and column. Visual appearance certainly makes it easy for you to see trends, so that it’s easy to make decisions. The appearance can also use a variety of colors so that it is easily digested by the reader.

3. Worksheets

Besides being used for accounting matters, spreadsheets can also be used as worksheets. In this case, the sheet will be a track or timeline if you want to achieve certain goals. Make a table with a description column, a list of progresses, and their status. In other words, a sheet is useful as a planner.

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Excel is the most widely used sheet in data processing. Various formulas can facilitate the work so that management can be better organized. Excel spreadsheet has advantages such as being able to hold large amounts of data, present it in a visual form, and are flexible but meet professional standards.

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