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6+ Excel Accounting Spreadsheet Templates

Accounting is an activity carried out by various businesses and agencies. The goal, of course, is that all data and decisions taken are accurate. Because it is very important, companies need to know various excel accounting spreadsheet templates. The following are some of the most widely used types to meet your business needs.

Sample Template introduction to excel spreadsheet

Excel Accounting Spreadsheet Templates

1. Accounting Journal

This sheet lists various accounting data in the table. The first column is filled with business name written in step by step. The other column consists of trial balance, adjusting balance and adjusted trial balance. Each balance consists of two columns, namely debit and credit. You need to fill it in using a formula to calculate totals.

2. Accounts Played

Accounts payable are similar to a list of invoices. This sheet lists various inventories or supplies that need to be paid for in a certain period. Data in the table include date, invoice number, supplier, due date, total amount, and payment step. This sheet will make it easier for companies to make purchases in large quantities or scales.

3. Bill Statement

This sheet will be very useful for businesses that often make buying and selling transactions. You need to make a statement every time a customer makes a purchase. Bill statement can be made weekly or monthly so that it’s easier to archive. Sheets consist of statement date, bill to, remittance, account summary and thee account activity.

Benefits of Accounting in Your Business

1. It’s Budget Control

Businesses are vulnerable to bankruptcy if expenses are not controlled. You need to make an accounting sheet to prevent this from happening. Every income and expenditure that is neatly recorded will help you to reduce the budget. All capital and cash flow will be monitored so that you can make the right decisions.

2. It’s forecasting

To make the right decision, you need to look at existing performance data. Accounting sheets can project this so that you are not wrong in making the next decision. This forecasting can be done to see the company’s revenue. If you experience a down state, you can decide whether there should be a part that is cut.

3. Expense tracking

Have you ever felt that spending has been very messy? This can be caused by accounting documents that are not neat. Start by making the right sheet for your business and do the monitoring. That way, every expenditure made is always wise.

Monitoring accounting is something every business should do. Without excel accounting spreadsheet templates, your business will not be healthy. You will face a variety of problems ranging from financial, difficult to make decisions, and solving the wrong problem.

Excel Spreadsheet

Excel makes it easy for you to arrange a variety of data in large quantities. You can use it in various purposes ranging from accounting matters, translating it into charts and others. Previously, you need to know the types of excel spreadsheet that you can generally use for compiling worksheets.

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