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20+ Eviction Notice Template

Best Eviction Notice Template Format For Renting Business

What Is An Eviction Notice?

An eviction notice is usually given by the landlord to the tenants to comply with the rental agreement. It is important for every landlord to give the eviction letter before filing an unlawful detainer when the tenants fail to comply with the agreements. To make your job easier, we have uploaded the eviction notice templates.

Eviction Notice for Roommate

Issuing the eviction notice should depend on the situation. Mostly the landlords often use the non-payment of rent that gives tenants a chance to leave after 3 days if they cannot comply with the agreement. In another case, a landlord has an option to bring the case to court on the fourth days.

There are some examples of why an eviction letter is issued. It depends on the lease agreement.

  • Pay Rent or Leave – This notice is issued when the tenants are arrears paying rent. They have just a few days to pay the lease or the second choice they are forced to move out.
  • Cure or Quit – The landlords will give a specific time period to fix certain conditions such as move out the pets and fix other disturbance that breaks the agreements. Usually, the tenants are required to negotiate with the landlord. After all, it still depends on their behavior.
  • Unconditional Quit – This allows the tenant to leave the lease without any condition that forces them to do it. However several states only allow this when the tenants repeatedly late paying the rent or get involved in a crime.
  • Notice To Vacate – This letter is issued with 30 days warning. In this case, the landlord doesn’t need to mention the specific reason why tenants should vacate. But they should give time for them to move out, depending on how long they have used the landlords’ service.

How Many Days Eviction Notice Should Be?

As we said before, the eviction notice will vary depending on the case and the tenant’s occupancy. Usually, it can be 3 days to pay or leave, 30/60 days notice to leave. And also if your tenants lease your room in less than a year, paying on a month to month, a 30-day notice is the best serve. Then if your tenant has been staying in your room for more than a year, then a 60 day is perfect.

eviction notice templates 1

How To Write An Eviction Notice?

There are reasons why you should write an eviction notice to remove someone from a privately owned company. You can get the idea by checking our eviction notice template. Here is how to write a notice using our eviction notice template.

  • Address the name of the person you want to evict
  • Always include segments in a good manner.
  • It is crucial to cite the reason why the eviction notice is issued.

The eviction notice depends also whether or not under the rent control city. If it so, you are advised to contact the attorney.

eviction notice templates1 Eviction Notice to Quit eviction notice1 Five Day Demand Eviction Notice for Non Payment Home Eviction Notice1 Landlord Eviction Notice templates Legal Eviction Notice Lodger Agreement templates 3 Day Eviction Notice templates 1 7 Day Eviction Notice templates 20 Day Eviction Notice 24 Hour Notice of Eviction 90 Day Eviction Notice 220 Apartment Notice templates Commercial Eviction templates eviction letter templates Eviction Notice Cancellation Form

Sometimes we try to be careful when approving a tenant to stay in our land, however, things come to be unpredicted. So, we suggest you to always review their profile.

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