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9+ Event Sign In Sheet Template

An organizer would want a successful event to be held. One of the successes is that the participants of the event are present as they wish. Things that should not be left behind during an event are event sign in sheet templates. This sheet is useful for recording which invited participants have already attended or not.

Sample Template Fundraiser Event Sign In Sheet

Template of Event Sign In Sheet

1. General information

Information in this section includes the name of the company, the name of the event being held, and the name of the organizer. Organizer can be different from the name of the party hosting the event. This section is written in the header before the sign in table. You also need to add event dates, times, and contacts that can be contacted regarding the sign-in process.

2. Table of attendance

This table consists of several columns. The main column is the participant’s name. If the event type is closed, this column is already filled with the names of participants who have already done RSVP. Participants must fill in their own names at the guest table before entering the venue if it’s not RSVP.

3. Attendee’s data

Besides filling in his name, attendees also presumably fill out personal data in this sheet. The column is located in the name or signature. Generally, event organizers ask for e-mail or telephone numbers that can be contacted. From time to time, they get benefits in the form of notifications when similar events will be held.

Reason Sign In Sheet is Must

1. Record

The main purpose of the sign in sheet is to collect data about the attendees who come to the event. Some events may be elimination or competition, so the human resource department can keep it as an archive. In the principle of large companies, sheets can be part of the management system.

2. Evacuation

No one knows for sure when a disaster happened. In this case, it could be a disruption or disaster that requires the event to be stopped. Sheets will help the team to evacuate all those present at the event. All participants were also easily identified and saved.

3. Database

Generally, sheets contain a database of attendees. Some events require attendees to fill in their name, contact number, origin and e-mail. For the HRD or event committee, this will be very beneficial to expand their connections.

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An event sign in sheet can be an important element for your company’s management system. In addition to being made into a database, this was also an element of security and safety of the audience throughout the event. Not only in the form of handouts, this sheet can also be digital so that it is easier to input.

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