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10+ Evaluation Sheet Template

A job or project generally goes through an evaluation process when it’s finished. The purpose of the evaluation is to check whether the process that has been running so far is good. Evaluation can be done by making an evaluation sheet template. The performance of a job will also be known so that improvements can be made in the next job.

Sample Template Evaluation Sheet for Training

Creating the Evaluation Sheet Template

1. Kind of Evaluation

Evaluation sheets have many types, depending on the purpose of the evaluation itself. Some types include employee evaluation, student evaluation, training and workshop evaluation. The contents of the sheet can be different, ranging from the scope, type of questions, and a variety of answers. Maybe you can also add assessments on each sheet.

2. Make a List

The people who will be evaluated will also determine how the process of making the sheet. For student evaluations, generally the types of questions are closed such as yes / no and agree / disagree. It is different if the evaluation is aimed at employees, maybe you need to add a column so that participants can write an explanation in detail.

3. Make the Measurement

Each evaluation must require certain measures for its assessment. Before you distribute the sheet to participants to fill out, you should first make an assessment point. You need to do a lot of research to present results in a certain range. Make a scientific study so that the results obtained are accurate.

Reasons to Make Evaluation Sheets

1. Optimize your program

There is no perfect program, so you need to do various kinds of improvements. After the program or event ends, you need to do an evaluation so that there are no similar problems or errors in the next program. Some deficiencies can also be optimized so that the project you are working on can run successfully.

2. Listen to Perspectives

Every opinion of the people involved is important. They have different experiences so the background can help you to find out the weaknesses that are not visible. This relates to the level of communication and maximizes the response from members as a guide.

3. Improvement

Working collaboratively requires good collaboration. In the process, many obstacles can be found. All these obstacles can be prevented in the future if you can evaluate the progress and consider whether the same plan can be used in the future. In other words, sheets are a way to do research.

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Every program that is done must want to achieve certain goals. All you have to do is collect data based on evaluations. To easily collect information, you need to make an evaluation sheet template. Select the scope to be examined and then let them fill out the evaluation freely, either anonymously or not.

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