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15+ Estimate Template Types to Avoid a Fatal Bankruptcy

10 Estimate Template Types to Avoid a Fatal Bankruptcy

An organization or company always make an estimation of the income and the expense. Surely, this way is very important to prevent a bankruptcy in the future. On the other hand, an estimate template is ready to save your business. The estimation that made will be the reference for the next supervision of the finance. Create an estimate template by following the 10 choices below. Here, you can use one of them suitable for your goal in excel format. Nonetheless, you can download it in PSD or the other options.

Construction Estimate templates 1

5 Estimate Template Design in Part I

Like the first part, you are going to get 5 types of the estimate template. Here are the types:

  1. A blank estimate

All people like to use it because they quite edit or download it. Then, they can print the result after that. In the blank template, there is a tittle and the address of the company. Underneath, you get a simple table with four columns and some rows. Definitely, it is the place to make the estimation. Meanwhile, there are term& conditions, and the signature in the bottom.

  1. Work estimate

This work estimation comes in a bit complex outlook Where there is a name of the company on the top. It stands along with the address, server providers, customers, and the project description. The underneath space is for the table containing the number, description, the expense per hour and per 5 hours. Besides that, there is a total amount too. The bottom space is for some information and signatures.

  1. The sample template of the estimate

It almost has a similar design to the work estimation with the company name and address on top. Even though, there is a table with three columns underneath for the job, a bill to, and ship too. Afterward, you get another table which is bigger than before.

  1. The template of Improvement estimate

It looks tidy only with one table but you keep able to cover many things.

  1. Project estimate

The layout is almost similar to the number 2 and 3.

Part II: 5 Types of the Estimate

You have finished reading the 5 types of the estimate template in part I. Let’s continue with the other 5 types such as follow:

  • Landscape estimate

It only gives some information on top and a big table for the three columns. The table is for the item description. estimated time, and the estimated cost.

  • Construction estimate

Space or the table discusses the description, PC/PS allowance, units, and the total quality.

  • Free download work estimate

It gives you a larger space for each estimation in the standard job. As the examples are the project description, hour, cost, and so on.

  • Free work estimate in Words

Your Words Docs will load about your company, address, client name, client address, and the estimated cost. Alongside that, there is a table in blue and white colors for the three spaces.

  • Work estimate for the job

In this template, you will find several other important categories such as breakdown costs, estimated amounts etc. Sample Estimate templates Job Estimte templates Blank Estimate templates Blank Job Estimate templates 1 Construction Estimate templates Example Estimate templates Format 1 Example Work Estimate templates Landscaping Estimate templates Painting Work Estimate templates Format Project Estimate templates Repair Estimate templates Sample Estimate templates 1 Sample Loan Estimate templates Sample Work Estimate templates for Contractor Work Estimate templates

Overall, there are 16 kinds of the estimate template. You may need the loan estimate, contractor estimate sheet, construction work estimate, and the house repairing estimate. Additionally, there are also the template of estimate in PDF and the painting job estimate. Okay, get what you need!

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