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7+ Employee Write Up Form Template

Free Download Employee Write Up Form To Discipline Your Employee

Drafting an employee write up form is a non-pleasant act we do. In fact, sometimes we really need this to discipline the employee. However, this document is extremely confidential which should be retained between the evaluation form. It is because of the sensitivity and great impact on the whole organization. This document should consist of employee name, and date columns. Or, to make your task easier, you can find the employee write up form on our page. This document has a list of sections such as a list of violations like non-punctuality, lack of interest, low attendance, creating disturbances.

Printable Employee Write Up form

But the main problem when you are writing this is your employee might not want to sign it. This can be very uncomfortable. You can do the following tips before using an employee write up form.

Never Do It When You Are Angry

Of course, most people often do this when they are angry. In fact, you might see something in one perspective and then you make a terrible decision that causes damages to your organization environment. Discipline your employee is so OK, but never do this when you are angry. Why, because you have to do it objectively which will be harder to do it when your emotion is not under control. So, first, you have to calm down.

Sample Employee Write Up Form

The thing is, such case can be a lawsuit due to wrongful termination. Therefore, always document your employee performance and keep everything for business purpose and not personal.

Besides, since this document is not only about discipline, this can be a way to correct the employee’s behavior. If it is not something you have to inform in written form, take a day and get some space.

Always Document The Problem

For any kind of mistake that affect your business a lot, sometimes it is so difficult to prove what they did. Some employee will deny your claim. Therefore, it is always safe to document the performance whether it is good or bad. This will protect you also from unnecessary conflict such as:

  • Employee lawsuit
  • Supporting your decision behind any kind of action toward your employee. This can be proof for your employees why they are promoted or fired because this contains their performance so far.
  • Giving the employee a timeline about their progressive and disciplinary stuff.

Simple Employee Write Up Form

Next, when you are ready, you can start using employee write up form and address the problem with the following aspects:

  • Address the write-up and support it with a record of their behavior.
  • Use specific examples
  • Try to be objective and talk only about what happened and when.

Always Include The Company Policy To Support You

Sometimes it is just so difficult to ask your employee to sign the write-up draft, but you can always find a back up from the employee policy. It means your employee will have no reason not to follow it because it is for the organization and business safety sake. When an employee cannot follow the company’s rules, then it means they are not allowed to be in your environment and it is clear enough to take further decision.

Employee Write Up Form Employee Write Up Form Example Employee Write Up Form Example of Employee Write Up Form

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