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5+ Employee Sign In Sheet Template

Sign-in sheets are needed by every company or business that employs employees. Its main function is to track employee attendance at work or at certain events. Employee sign in sheet template has many designs according to their purpose. The following are various templates that you can use for your business.

Sample Template Employee Training Sign In Sheet

Employee Sign-In Sheet Template

1. Attendance

The large number of fingerprint technology does not necessarily undermine the function of this sheet to record attendance. Some small-scale businesses certainly still use sheets. Each sheet generally represents the weekly or monthly occurrence of the employee. They just need to sign the column that matches their name.

2. Training

Training is a common agenda carried out by companies. Before entering the venue, employees need to sign a sheet that they are present at the event. In addition to the name and signature column, they also need to fill in the name of the department, their position and also their contacts.

3. Payroll

Although many things have changed digitally, it is different from the payroll system which still requires a signature. You can make a sheet as a valid valley that the employee has received his salary. Of course, every month you must always update this sheet.

4. Meeting

One important company agenda is meeting. Meetings can involve external departments, so their presence needs to be neatly recorded. To make it look organized, make a sign-in sheet. You will have an archive that can be accounted for because there is a signature on it.

Purpose of Sign In Sheet

1. Accountability

For company, signing in sheets can serve to show accountability. This sheet will be an important document when one is needed in the future. It’s good, besides having a written archive, you make it in a digital or scanned version. This prevents calamity or loss of documents.

2. Employee is valued

An employee will feel very happy when the company values ​​their performance and effort. You can show it by using the sign in sheet. They will judge that their presence and discipline is valued by the company. In return, of course you prepare a reward for loyal employees.

3. Tracking

Checking employee discipline and productivity can be done by knowing the patterns in the sheet. You can know which employees work seriously and vice versa. At some point, you have previously set rules so that the company remains productive. You can eliminate employees who do not comply with company rules.

Sample Template Daily Employee Sign In Sheet Template Sample Template Employee Meeting Sign In Sheet Template Sample Template Employee Sign In Log Sheet Template Sample Template Employee Sign In Sheet Weekly Template

In the end, employee sign in sheet template has many lucrative goals. At the company side, the employer can achieve the target when the employee works according to the procedure. While on the employee side, they will feel their performance is valued.

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