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5+ Employee Handbook Template

Free Download Employee Handbook Template

Besides the product, the employee is another most important aspect of the company. They will determine your business success because they play the main factor in the business progress such as productions, management until the distribution so it can reach the customer. Therefore, each employee should have the same standard in operating the business to get the same expectation whether it is service or product. For this purpose, an employee handbook template is required.

employee handbook example

What Is An Employee Handbook?

An employee handbook is a collection of procedures, policies, behavioral expectation and also working condition for an employee in the workplace. This book generally tells the company profile from mission, vision, values, and purpose. This document also summarizes about the attendance expectation, compensation as well as other benefits for the employees.

How To Use An Employee Handbook?

The employee handbook is used to keep employee’s consistency with the procedures and policies. This is used also for explaining the working condition. For the company, this also functions as the roadmap to the legal treatment and working ethic. This handbook is also helpful to protect the company from the lawsuit such as wrongful termination claims, harassment claims and also discrimination claims. This handbook consists of the code of product so the employee and staff have harmonious behavior.

employee handbook templates

If the employee wants to make complaints, the handbook also provides this. This will let the employee knows too about the behavior that warrants the disciplinary as well as information about the termination of the workplace.

How Does An Employee Handbook Template Help You?

Our template is designed for your employee as the guide in the workplace. You can edit, personalize and customize the template as you need. This template will allow you to:

  • Make a clear outline of what the staff and employee need to do in the workplace.
  • Give clearer instruction on how they should carry themselves around to avoid any commotion.

Keep in mind that the template here doesn’t contain standard rules of a company guide book. Each company or business has different principles and rules so that’s why we make a template design that allows you to edit it based on your need.

If you don’t have an employee handbook, our template can be the best solution. This employee handbook template is made by professional that has experience in the company workplace so you don’t need to spend a lot of time thinking about how to make a good guideline for your staff or employee.

Keep in mind that a handbook should represent your business and you should make reflect the state or local law. However, it doesn’t have to be specifically addressed on certain details.  employee manual employee rights construction employee handbook

After all, writing a handbook takes a lot of effort and investment. That’s why our employee handbook template can do a lot for your business. It is easy to access and customize. Moreover, our template is ready for download and free! Just hit the icon and download your desired templates which suits the most with your business.

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