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20+ Employee Evaluation Form

Free Download Employee Evaluation Form Excel and Word

What Is An Employee Evaluation?

Employee evaluation is used as an evaluation of employees’ working performance. Most companies use the employee evaluation form on a regular basis which is done at the end of the year of the employee’s service anniversary. For example, if you are hired in November then your evaluation form will be given in November, but if it is January this will be January.

Accounting Assistant Secretary

In this case, we will find many employee evaluations give quantitative measurements which are suitable for companies that focus on the product orientation. This is done regularly to determine whether they meet with the companies goals or not. Besides, there are some benefits your company can take with this evaluation form.

To Know The Employee’s Strengths and Weaknesses

It is important to assess the employee’s performance so the company can do an evaluation and make a wise decision. Besides, the evaluation form is a good thing to restructure the organization in the company because it provides strength and weakness column, so you know where department you should put the employee to work with.

Training Development

In some periods, companies always have work training and development. This is good to maintain the relationship between companies and employees, also underline again the company’s vision so your employee will work on the right track.

Administrative Employee Performance Evaluation Form

This is the reason why the employee evaluation form is needed. Before setting some training program, the company needs to know the weakness and strengths of the company so the employees will get the right material.

Besides, an evaluation is a good way to set a program that can help human sources work better.

Evaluations Set Goals and Standard

Evaluation is a good tool to set the standard from the company. That means employees will work in the same favor. The performance standard usually is presented by the executive team quarterly per year. When an employee fails to perform the companies’ expectation four times a week might be considered as below the company’s standard.

Recognition and Reward

Of course, evaluation is a form of recognition that will affect the wage. This is the best way for the company to recognize the employee’s hard work. After that, the reward will be given in the right person so this also motivates other employees to compete.

However, there is one hole about the employee evaluation form that managers often give negative feedback. Such things always happen when there are problems between managers and their team. Sometimes it is a part of the trick to making someone look good or bad among the peers.

Download Free Employee Evaluation Form For Free

Apart from that, our intention here is to provide you the best template for employee evaluation form. We give you many designs that you can adjust with the understandable column. You can print the form quickly.

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Our forms are available in many needs including the variation workplace. Set your standards and write them down on our template. These templates are all free to download and copy.

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