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7+ Emergency Contact Forms Template

Free Download Emergency Contact Forms for Any Company and Organization

Emergency contact is an essential thing that should be submitted whenever someone is joining an organization or a company. Even children should fill out the emergency contact forms with the help of the parents so when something happens and the parents are not around, schools or organizations can contact the person in the emergency contact.

Student Emergency Contact Form

On this page, we have emergency contact forms that you can download for free. You even can customize and edit it as you need and reprint it multiple times. Here are some types of emergency contact forms we have.

Employee Emergency Contact Template

This is a one-page emergency contact template for a company that is designed for employees to help them write down the emergency contact details. It has personal contact information, including for medical contact information with the space for doctors’ name as wells his number.

Sample Emergency Contact Form

This template allows you to write down the child’s information from parents until the guardian with multiple alternatives. It includes medical condition, out of town contact as well as the declaration permission. This is very good for schools and other organizations that include kids as members. This can be used for certain activities such as scout, camp and so on.

Student Emergency Contact Form Example

This contact information is designed for kids which contain personal information for students, parents as well as the guardians. There are fields for emergency contact, personal data as well as the secondary emergency contact.

Daycare Emergency Contact Form

We also have daycare emergency contact form for daycare with children’s personal details, relationship with the child, emergency contacts with multiple fields, children medical condition and many more.

Why Do We Need The Emergency Contact Forms?

There are so many benefits when an organization, host of events, companies, and schools provide their form.

How To Make Emergency Contact Forms?

There are some elements to be put in the emergency contact. This includes the person’s personal information like name, address, and phone. Things like medical condition are very essential. This includes the doctors’ name and his phone number, dentist’s name and his phone number, also the pharmacy name as well. Note that you need to address the relationship status with the person who is included in the emergency contact. Additionally, adding allergies information will be very beneficial.

An emergency situation can occur anytime and anywhere without even a notice. It is highly suggested providing such form so everyone who is helping us will be easy to contact our closest family. The above contact forms are made for emergency situation and it cannot be shared with another party of course. So, make sure, everyone who is making an event, this is highly important.

Tenant Emergency Contact Form Daycare Emergency Contact Form Emergency Contact Parental Consent Form Emergency Contact Information Form Employee Emergency Contact Form Farm Emergency Contact Form

The targeted audiences for these forms are companies, working places, organizations, communities until schools which always have activities whether it is working activities or other things. The benefits of using our forms are this provides fields for a general health condition. So, it is very easy to decide where to go when bad things happen.

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