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8+ Emergency Contact Form Template

Free Download Emergency Contact Form Template

The emergency moment never comes by knocking your door. It comes so sudden for everyone whether you are a student, employee, or a member of a community. At that time, everyone should act very quickly to save your life. Maybe they will contact your doctor, your relatives or your friend. But how? Well, this is how the emergency contact form template works for you. Our templates are designed for many fields from school to companies. It is very easy to edit and easily customizable. Besides, our templates also provide general medical information as well as personal doctors to contact so everyone who is in an emergency will get quick help.

health emergency contact form

Employee Emergency Contact Form

Download our emergency form for free on this page. This template is designed for an employee with general personal information including name, address, phone number, and many more. The emergencies contacts included in the forms have contact details such as the main information. This is purposed to make everyone easy in contacting the people in the emergency contact lists.

Student Emergency Contact Form

We also provide student emergency contact form for school. It is a print ready contact form that also allows you to edit it as you wish. The emergency contact is very simple and easy to fill out. Besides, this template also provides a section of children’s health condition such as allergies. It is available in Word document. Download it for your kids in the school or for your community.

primary emergency contact form

Our school emergency contact form is made by professional so it is a tailored form that you can use for big events. We think including the health conditions of kids is very important because the school should prepare activities, meals, drinks, accommodation until the transportation that will not harm the kids.

There are separate fields for medical status, guardian contacts, students information and also parents. Don’t worry, those forms will not eat so many papers because it is made in a simple format.

Childcare Emergency Contact

There is also childcare emergency contact used for kids. It is important too for daycare to provide such contact form because kids and toddlers are prone to certain accidents that require quick help. There are some details in the form just like other forms with additional details like guardians and health condition including the allergies. In the last sections, there is space for signature and dates signed by the parents or guardians.

What Are The Purpose of Issuing The Emergency Contact Forms/Templates?

In every sector of the organization, school, and company, the form is very crucial to give the best help during the emergency moment. It is very necessary for any kind of institute to ask such details to the participants.

school emergency contact form student emergency contact form 1 child care emergency contact form emergency contact information form 1 employee emergency contact form 1 farm emergency contact form1

Note that our templates are available in many formats and these templates are editable. So, don’t worry! You even can just print the forms multiple times because the forms are designed in a formal format and it is applicable in various sections. Keep update and visit our page to find the best formats.

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