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6+ Donation Sheet Template

Sharing is caring and that’s how we should live the life, right? One of the things you can do is to make a donation to those in need. This action can be done personally or in groups. If you are a member of the community, you should make a donation sheet template. The template is a record of where your donations are made.

Sample Template Donation Sheet Template Pdf Free Download

Donation Sheet Template

1. General information

Before you make a list in a table, you should write down general information about your personal or organizational name. Include reasons of charity, for example, disaster, giving orphanages, or others. General information also includes the addresses and contacts of organizations and donated parties.

2. Donation information

Donors generally make donations in various forms and also certain periods. For example, donors give a fixed amount of cash every month or every year. There are also donors who give items such as goods or clothes. Donors need to include whether donations are made by personal or CSR from a business.

3. Signature

In the other column is the signature. A signature must be indicated when the donation made is in the name of the business. It aims to clarify the status of donations as official activities. Other objectives are various proofs that money or assets have been given in accordance with the business objectives. The signature is filled in by the donor and the recipient.

Advantage of Donation

1. Pleasure

Giving something to those who need it is fun for yourself. Various studies state that the brain that regulates pleasure will be active when you share it with others. The donation portion does not need to be large, most importantly you can do it regularly. Besides making other people happy, this makes you healthy.

2. Help Others

Not everyone is a lucky person. As someone who has strengths, you don’t need to hesitate to help others. When you are in a miserable position, surely you hope that someone will help you right? So it doesn’t hurt if you give a hand to those who are in that position.

3. Money management is better

Maybe you have a lot of money but you don’t have time to make yourself happy or donate. This is caused by poor financial management. Start by planning to make a donation. This action can train you to be able to manage your personal finances in the future.

Sample Template Free Download Donation Sheet Template Pdf Sample Template Non Cash Charitable Contribution Worksheet Sample Template Charitable Donation Receipt Form Sample Template Donation Form Template Sample Template Donation Sheet Template Pdf DownloadDonation Sheet Template Pdf DownloadDonation Sheet Template Pdf Download

Donations are not only made when there is a charity event. You can do this privately or on behalf of the business. So that the track record is neatly stored, make a donation sheet template. Beside motivates to share more often, you also get various benefits from this activity.

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