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8+ Dog Bill of Sale Template

A pet shop is a place where there is a lot of transactions happen. Including to buy and handle every pet’s problem. Every purchase should be written inside of the dog bill of sale. There is a lot of meaning and different purposes from the bill that you should know. It is important for those who are going to have or already have a pet. The information below will be guidance for you to understand.

Sample pet bill of sale template

Why There Should be a Dog Bill of Sale?

  1. Provide clearer dog information to the customer

Most people do not have any idea about dog race and type. They are tending to tell the people inside the store if they would like to purchase a dog without knowing their identity. Through the use of the dog bill, there must be a better understanding that you can have.

  1. Agreement between both parties

Sometimes, there is a problem that occurs during the day inside the store. Including a party complaining about the services, purchasing problems, and other purposes. However, to handle this problem with the use of receipt, everything is written with the agreement between both parties.

  1. Basic registration

The receipt should be one of the basic registrations that should follow by every store. If you can find one store that does not give you any receipt, there should be a big question. Through the receipt, everything can have better trust that can be accepted between the seller and customer.

Dog Seller Information

Once you are receiving any dog bill of sale, make sure if there is a god seller information. There should be the name of the store where you purchased your dog. Including the address and phone number that you can contact when it is needed. Do not forget to check for their logo if they are legal or not.

Sample Printable Dog Bill of Sale Template

Buyer Details and Information

As for the seller, if a customer come and try to purchase any dog or product, try to put the details on the lists. There must be the name of your customer, phone number, address, and identity. It can help you to make sure if there will be nothing wrong happen.

Name of Dog and Race

It would be best if you put the name of the dog race inside of the receipt. It can help everyone to understand their pet. Including to understand how to take care of them with their food and habit.

Date of Birth Information

Each dog would have a different age. Except, put all of the dog names inside of the receipt adding the date of birth also must be important.

Prices and Signature

The last information is to include the price for each dog and product that your customer already purchased. Including to ask for their signature as the best agreement details.

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Through the dog bill or sale, everything must be understandable and easy to handle. There must be a lot of people who come with different needs, including taking care of their dogs or purchasing one. You need to make sure if the store already provides you with all of the information above. It can be used as a guarantee if there is a certificate for each dog purchase and services that you already have.

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