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8+ Divorce Worksheet Template

Not all marriages run smoothly. Some couples decide to end their marriage. In the process, divorce requires a very long time. In addition to divorce worksheet, you also need to prepare several other supporting documents. Here are the things you need to do.

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Divorce Worksheet

1. Information of Parties

Sheet contains information about the two parties who will divorce. Party A is the husband’s party and party B is the wife’s party. This information includes name, date of birth, address. Although both are still in the divorce stage and have private homes, the address must be adjusted to their current place of residence. The address must also be filled in completely.

2. Marriage and Decree information

The information that should be in the sheet is marriage information, i.e. the date and country of the marriage. Next is information about decree in the form of date, type of decree, court case number and county of decree. Type of divorce is divided into two namely divorce or annulment. You need to check the divorce option.

3. Children

In addition to information about the couple who will divorce, information about the child also needs to be included. In divorce, children are often neglected. Parents also tend to claim visitation schedules are not fair or vice versa. The court will generally decide who the custody of the child will be given.

Documents Prepared for Divorce

1. Work

If you are a person who works primarily as a wife, then you need to include what your job is, the address, and how you have paid taxes in the last 5 years. The type of work will affect the distribution of assets with her husband. Also attach proof of your income, including savings and deposits.

2. Investments

During marriage, married couples may have certain investments such as savings, deposits, or various other assets. Couples also generally have more than 1 bank account. All of them require bank statements and trust documents. If you have retirement statements, include them in the document.

3. Assets

Assets often become a dispute after divorce. This relates to objects that are owned or purchased after marriage such as property, vehicles and also debt. Each party tends to claim its assets in the divorce process. To avoid this, the couple should list all assets and let the judge decide when the distribution of assets.

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The documents including divorce worksheet need to be collected before the divorce trial begins. Gathering all the documents did take a long time. However, this avoids future conflicts over property. Consult with the civil registry, court and your lawyer if other documents are needed.

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