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7+ Delivery Checklist Template

Every logistic and transportation company should have better details once they wanted to deliver something to other places. There must be delivery checklist as one of the requirements to follow the delivery standard. Creating the best checklist for delivery detail require you to consider a lot of things. Each detail should be included inside of the checklist for etter result and checking progress.

Sample Free Delivery Checklist Template

What is Delivery Checklist?

There is a lot of checklist that you can find in every company. It can be used to manage every process and activity to bring better progress and project result. However, it will be different with the checklist that you are going to use in delivery or logistic company. The checklist will have a role to make sure if all of the delivery process has been done.

Company and Customer Information Details

The best checklist can be achieved once you put all of the important information inside the list. Make sure if there is a company details for example your company logo, name, and other information. company who cooperate with your need to put their details inside of the invoice. It is one of the best methods to make sure if you can prevent any possibilities that happen in future.

Departure and Arrival Detail

Every delivery process required a lot of information inside of the invoice. Including the departure and arrival detail. Once you create this information, make sure if you can add specific timing based on perfect consideration. For example, to make sure about the traffic, direction, and vehicle capability. With better details, there will be no misunderstanding between customer and your company.

Sample Layout Delivery Checklist Template

Services Details

Most of the delivery service or logistic company will provide different services based on the agreement. For example, there is a service for restore and storage that would be beneficial for every package. The delivery process also based on the trucking details that every customer would like to use. If there is a package that would need to refrigerated means that you need to check the readiness for the services.

Other Request and Specific Item Information

Make sure if every customer already makes a deal before the shipping or delivery process. There must be customer comes to you for having other detail that can be used as a request once the package is arrive or delivered. You need to make sure if all of the request is written on the list. As you can asks to your employee if they already provide the best action and progress for every customer request.

Signature and Agreement

At the end, you need to put the signature based on the agreement. For example, there must be invoice that your customer sends to you which already signed by their representative. Once the package is arrived in the destination, or before the package is delivered make sure if you already put your signature on the invoice. Read back the agreement to make sure if everything is on point.

Sample Sample Delivery Checklist Template Sample Simple Delivery Checklist Template Sample Download Delivery Checklist Template Sample Example Delivery Checklist Template Sample Format Delivery Checklist Template

Clearer detail on your delivery checklist can minimize any complaint from customer. There should be the agreement created by both parties. To make sure if there is a responsible party once there is a mistake happen. The best checklist is the one who can put everything in detail. Make sure if you can have everything on the information above as one of the standards to create the checklist.

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