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3+ Daily Worksheet Template

A worksheet is an agenda sheet filled in so that your activities become more focused. Besides being used to estimate project completion, daily worksheet template is also used to manage daily activities. The goal, of course, is that the time you have becomes more useful and time management is more disciplined.

Sample Template Printable Daily Work Log Sheet Template Example

Daily Worksheet Template

1. Task

Write the task type in the table column. Instead, the assignment is written in detail so that it can be completed smoothly. You can also write it with certain code and the code explanation is in another sheet. In one template, you may have more than 10 different types of tasks.

2. Time Estimated and Actual

Estimate the time to start the project and estimate the completion. In writing the estimated time, it’s good to be determined logically, not too fast or slow. You can discuss it with other colleagues. While the actual date is used to record the actual date you started and ended the project. These two columns can be used as estimates in similar projects.

3. Percentage and Status

The main function of the worksheet is monitoring, whether the status has started, is on process or has finished. You can include it in the status column. While in the percentage column, you can write down what percentage of the work has been done when the sheet is being monitored by a supervisor. This column is used as a reference whether so far the work has been efficient or vice versa.

Benefit of Daily Worksheet

1. Things organized

Planned routines make our lives more organized. You need to commit to the plan that you have made in accordance with the estimated time. At first you may feel uncomfortable or like in a hurry. Over time, you will begin to get used to living with discipline so that time feels more efficient.

2. Save time

Time is a boomerang for some people. Not many people realize that time is an asset that is difficult to buy. By making routines in a sheet, you will not spend time in vain. Even if you have free time, you can plan many things like time or just recreation.

3. Priority on the list

It’s hard to know what are the priorities in your life without seeing the task as a whole. When you make it into a neat list, you can find out which activities should be important or not. After that, you can eliminate certain activities and replace them with more useful ones.

Sample Template Task List Template Sample Template Free Daily Work Cash Sheet Template Download

As we get older, we have more and more activities. Managing time is the most common obstacle faced, especially if half is used for work. Use the daily worksheet template for your daily life. Your routine becomes neater and time management is better.

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