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6+ Daily Timesheet Template

Do you want to have employees who work efficiently and effectively? Make a daily timesheet template for each employee. This template is designed so that employers can see work performance tracks so that no time is wasted. You can analyze efficiency and determine whether employees deserve to stay in your company.

Sample Template Daily Work Timesheet

Daily Timesheet template

1. Information of Employees

Each sheet is preceded by employee information. Information included in it includes names, departments, phone numbers, addresses and also their ID numbers. This section also needs to fill in the relevant dates because the sheets will change every day. Sheets can be hand out or filled online so the employer can directly track.

2. Task

Each department must have a different task. In fact this also applies to assignments between employees. Each employee must fill this column with their work plan in one full day. Maybe, they have only one task for a day or many tasks in a short duration. Even if you go for a photocopy, fill in this template.

3. Time slot

Each bag must have a clear time slot. List the hours and minutes the task starts and the estimated time it finishes. This can improve work efficiency, so that employees do not delay work. After writing the time slot, make a column of the duration or length of time the work is done.

Benefit of Timesheet

1. Increase the productivity

The increasing productivity of the business, of course, the better. Timesheet can help in this matter because the employer monitors directly. Employees will feel reluctant to be lazy. They are pressed to work according to time slots made by themselves.

2. To ease the projection

Every year, the company has its own projections and goals. If you feel that performance has been too wasteful, you can cut things down, including the potential to increase employee workload. Some employees may be able to complete 5 projects at a time. Productivity will increase without having to add new employees.

3. To ease seeking the new resource

Through this timesheet, you can see the pattern where the task cannot be maximized. This is your chance to find new people so that the project can be completed efficiently and with optimal results. You can also rotate job desks between employees in one department so that employee potential can be seen more.

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All companies would want their business to run well, low budget, but the results can be maximized. Use a daily timesheet template so you can track employees. They will also learn to be more disciplined in their own time slots.

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