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16+ Company Receipt Template

Issuance of a receipt is common for every company. Company receipt template is generally issued every time a transaction occurs. Templates are also widely used when employees make loans. The following are various templates that are commonly used by a company and used as documentation.

Sample Construction Company

Construction Company

Companies engaged in construction must carry out transactions or agreements in each project. This template is published for employees or parties involved. Its contents include various information that the company has given its rights such as injury or emergency insurance. After the template is published, employees must sign it so that the documentation becomes official.

Property Company

A property company generally rents many items that will be used to work on the project. The lender must issue a company receipt template to state that the borrower has access rights to the terms and conditions. The contents of the receipt generally consist of a table of items, initial, value, date issued and date returned. The borrower is required to return the deadline.

Payment Receipt

When giving salaries to employees, companies must issue receipt templates. The contents of the template consist of date, received from, address, amount and paid status. Below it is a table of details of

Sample Free Company Receipt Template

Transport Receipt

Transport is something that can not be separated from the company. All expenses for transport need to be neatly recorded so as to make it easier for the financial department when going to audit. This part of the template contains delivery from to, consignee name, consignee address, and tax. While the table in the template contains methods of packing, values, weight, rate and remarks.

Receipt of Campaigner

Campaign is a way for companies to get more engagement from the audience. This strategy certainly requires no small amount of funds and invites organizational collaboration. Receipt needs to be issued as proof that there is a transaction or agreement. Info includes organization name and campaign coordination.

Company Receipt Template Writing Tips

  1. Be specific

In writing templates, you need to write all the information specifically. This is very important to prevent misunderstanding. Both the seller or the buyer, including employees involved in this matter, need to understand the contents of the receipt. That way, signing the receipt can be done immediately.

  1. Be professional

If you are the party that issued the receipt, then act as a professional. Enter your business name, full address and contact number. For companies, receipts are important documents so the ultimate goal is to be archived. The professional appearance of the receptions will be made official documentation and as a company property.

  1. Validation

Receipt must have validation so that it is official and can be accounted for. One common way is to leave space at the bottom of the template for the signature. Generally, signatures have two spaces that will be signed by two parties. That is, the two parties mutually agree that a transaction has occurred.

Sample Transport Company Sample Company Acknowledgement Sample Company Payment Sample Company Property Sample Company Sales

Some of company receipt template can be found on the web. Even so, you need to choose the type of template that suits your needs. Avoid long-winded writing so it doesn’t confuse the party making the transaction. Follow the writing tips above so that the template becomes neater.

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