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6+ Cleaning Contract Agreement

Free Download Cleaning Contract Agreement Templates

Witten agreement is the best way to bind a contract between two parties. The agreement should not leave rooms so the obligations, rights, and responsibilities will be fulfilled by both parties. With the type of cleaning contract agreement, the major issues we always found are the specific cleaning duties and how the customer will pay the cleaner.

Cleaning Contract Agreement Form

How To Write a Cleaning Contract Agreement?

  • Basic Information – It is essential to describe the general information which includes a title, the name of each party, the duration and the date of the agreement.
  • Standard Terms – Right after the general information, state the purpose of the agreement that will provide payment in exchange for services. This needs to be stated that the agreement will expire too under certain circulation. If you want the agreement to be continued, then make sure you already set the period when the agreement applies an end.
  • Contract Basics – There are some aspects you have to underline such as the contract basics which should be formed by the capable parties. The contract should have a purpose and accepted by both of them. Besides, clear terms and agreement have to be stated in the contract. It is important also to meet with the cleaner to discuss the details.
  • Cleaning Services – Mention clearly the cleaning services from the area that will be cleaner and other services that will be provided. Besides, set also the time, for example, how many times in a week you will clean the customer’s place if they want a continued service, which areas that will be taken care such as bathrooms, kitchen, dining rooms and so on.
  • Payment – This will explain the amount of the payment should be paid whether it is done per hour or in one package. Special services might be required if the homeowner has stuff that needs to be trained carefully. Mention about compensation if the customers cancel the contract and state it clear how the dispute will be resolved. Additionally, another problem such as damaged due to accidents during the cleaning or the stolen goods will be resolved in a document based on the two parties agree.


To make a quick document, you can use our cleaning contract agreement to help you write it better without missing out any details. Make sure you draft the contract in clear details and terms. Also, define the technical procedures if you need to.

Cleaning Services Contract Agreement

Besides, ensure both parties read the whole contract before sign it and speaking to a legal attorney will be very helpful if you really need it.

How To Gain Cleaning Contracts

At the early stage of a business, it must be hard to get clients among the high competition. There are a lot of cleaning businesses near you. Therefore, you need to be outstanding and offer a different product that your customer needs the most. Commercial Cleaning Contract Agreement House Cleaning Contract Agreement1 Residential Cleaning Contract Agreement Standard Cleaning Contract Agreement

The first thing you need to do is going to local events, functions, and meetings. You can also visit the property and real estate managers. Don’t forget the power of websites and internet marketing as well as the word of mouth.

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