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6+ Child Travel Consent Form Template

Free Download Child Travel Consent Form You Should Have

What Is Child Travel Consent Form?

Children between 5-18 years old are allowed to fly by themselves. It is also during this age, children are often required to participate in certain programs from their communities or schools. But of course, each airline has a different age requirement. Sometimes, airlines provide a form to fill out for the unaccompanied minor program. But when the children should travel out of the country without a legal guardian or parents perhaps they need to bring notarized “child travel consent form” that has been signed by the parents. Use the following guide and download our template for easy drafting.

Legal Child Travel Consent Form

Child Travel Consent Form Definition

Due to the increase of child abduction, human trafficking, and pornography, the government works together with the airline to prevent this. Your children will be asked the legal document that they are allowed to travel without parents or guardians.

It is important to pay attention to the following document:

  • Your children personal information from name, birthplace and also passport information.
  • The permission letter that the parent and guardians allow it. It should also include the parents or guardian contact information such as name, custody information, etc.
  • The destination of the traveling from the start and end of the trip.
  • Allergy and special need information of the kids.
  • The non-traveling parent’s signature which means they are agreeing the kids travel alone.

Note that each state or country applies different rules, so the document will vary from one state to another one. And the child travel consent form is a legal document which allows children to travel without parents or guardians’ assistance. So, when your kids are traveling with grandparent, teacher, coach, friends, and relatives, this type of document should be prepared, or the immigration will reject your kids’ departure.

Furthermore, the Child Medical Consent forms will grant authority for health decision in case your kids need medical emergency. You probably need to fill out this document for the field trip and other situations. This includes:

  • The minor’s personal identity from the name and the birthplace
  • Authorized medical treatments
  • Health insurance information
  • Identity of the person who is granted the responsibility
  • Child health information

Our child travel consent form is standardized which can be used to fill your kid’s necessary details before departure. The templates are all available for free.

With the strict regulation from each country, you need to get prepared with the document before the immigration ban your kids to go. On one case, your kid might be brought by your ex-spouse to another country due to custody fight. This is possible because the law of your country cannot catch them when they are outside. This will lead you to a huge implication in the future. There are always reasons to protect your kids from certain problems and make them traveling securely.

Recommended Consent Letter for Children Travelling Form Sample Minor Child Travel Consent Form Child Travel Consent Form Notary Child Travel Medical Consent Letter Form Child Travel Parental Consent Form

It is so important to prepare all the document your kids need. You don’t know what happens in the future. This is not only for administering your kids activity but for their safety.

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