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8+ Child Support Agreement Template

Free Download Child Support Agreement Template

Child support after separation often becomes a dispute between parents. This is why child support agreement is needed to decide the incurred cost so the child doesn’t lack in any aspect. On this page, we provide the child support agreement template to help you write down an agreement with your ex-spouse in a professional way.


Writing child support agreement somehow is tricky. Both sides should understand each other so they can make a clear the terms of the agreement they can be responsible together. Our template contains understandable verbiage so you both can understand the terms before signing it. Keep in mind to reach mutual understanding. Also, remember that each state has different laws and you need to follow its jurisdictions’ guidelines.

How To Write a Child Support Agreement?

Writing a child support agreement can be done by one of the parents. This letter will be signed by both parties and witnesses. You can also ask the third-party mediator to help you write down the agreement. During the divorce proceeding, the arrangement of the child support will be decided by the court.


Some people don’t need a court to decide who will support the kids. They simply voluntarily pay the children needs. However, parents still need to follow the legal requirements and also seek agreement from the court.

Creating a support agreement should be simple and effective, also logical. The agreement should include the amount of support should be paid and when this will be paid. Name the date in the agreement too, especially when the agreement should be evaluated. This letter should be based on both side agreements before getting approval from the judge.

Besides, writing an agreement letter should focus on many aspects including the age of the child. Here are the quick steps on how to write the agreement:


  • Describe the type of agreement for both physical or legal custody. The legal custody means the one parent’s right for decision and the physical custody means the daily care for the kid.
  • You can make your own justification if there is any deviation from the sate, but you need to explain the reasons so the judge will give approval.
  • You have to provide a parenting plan that consists of a daily or weekly schedule who will handle the kids. Discuss another detail if this is not possible for example when one parent often being out of town due to work.
  • Use the language tone that shows a willingness to cooperate with another parent. This should indicate both sides will be willing to take care of the kids after divorce.

Child Support

  • You have to calculate the amount of noncustodial parent will pay. Of course, you need the state’s code as well as pay attention to the manner and time frame.
  • You have to outline another non-monetary support. The non-monetary support such as health insurance or others, you have to list it.
  • Another cost such as education, extracurricular activities, medical, and other expense should be listed in the agreement too. changing child support by agreement childsupportagreements form56a28a ir102 parentagreementinformalchildsupportform parenting agreement mother father

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