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3+ CD Jewel Case Template

11 free CD Jewel Case Template for your Fantastic Songs

Are you looking for an anti-mainstream CD jewel case template? At this time, humans cannot separate from the music and it always accompanies their activities. Music also becomes a promising income so that numerous people take this field. They come in public from the television, youtube, radio, and so on. A singer both solo and in the group must release single or album. Then, they sell it to the market in the form of CD in eye-catching cover. So, how to create a charming cd jewel case artwork template?

CD Jewel Case Template

What is a CD Jewel Case Template?

The CD jewel case template is the box for jewel and others. All people could design it for their goals such as to save the jewel, files, and the songs. Thus, you could give the case along with the diamond or gold for your lovely women. However, the story is different if you use it to promote your band and your song. It turns out the appearance of the cd case is very important. Even, it has a big role in the selling of your album besides the quality of your voice.

Formerly, not many people are capable of designing the CD case. Recently, anyone could custom it alone after the presence of the internet. Moreover, you quite take and edit the blank template to try your skill. Numerous samples from several websites will revive your idea better. The point is using online template make your album looks awesome though you make it fast.

11 Ideas to present your CD Jewel Case

Leave the theory above and start to realize from the 11 designs below. Pay attention to the following CD jewel case template:

  1. Downloadable CD Jewel Case

Firstly, you get a simple CD jewel case in PSD for your daily necessities. You could download and use it for your important files.

  1. DVD Jewel Case

This PSD format comes for the DVD jewel case giving a perfect and wonderful display.

  1. Plastic CD Jewel Case

In fact, it is the simplest cd case than the number one. The material is from the light transparent plastic.

  1. Simple CD Jewel Case Design

Apparently, there are many ways to interpret the meaning of simple. The simple design here adds images of you or your band.

  1. Realistic CD Jewel Case

The CD case has modern appearance with the digital picture on the case.

  1. Wonderful CD Case

It is a classy CD case with exotic images to reflect your desire in music.

  1. Photoshop CD Case PSD

Designing the CD jewel case in Photoshop will create a terrific case. This template suggests you use this application after download.

  1. Stunning CD Jewel Case

The CD jewel case has a masculine style for the music band.

  1. CD Jewel Case in Words

Using Word format to result in amazing CD jewel case does not an impossible thing. You could prove it fast with this template after download.

  1. DVD Jewel Case in PDF

Besides the Words format, PDF also offers easy tips to make the DVD jewel case.

  1. Slim CD Jewel Case

The size of the last CD case design here is 12 X 12cm with the safe area of 0,3 cm

CD Jewel Case Template1 CD Jewel Case Template2 CD Jewel Case Template3

By the way, those DVD and CD jewel case template designs are free to download. So, you could save production costs without putting aside quality. Free does not mean weightless.

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