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6+ Catering Receipt Template

Having a catering business is not easy. Clients want cheap prices, while you don’t need to spend money on food, workers and more. To facilitate the work, you can make a catering receipt template. In addition to getting price estimates based on experience, your business also looks more professional.

Sample Free Catering Receipt Template

Sample of Catering Receipt Template

Professional catering businesses generally make highly detailed receipt templates. The header section is used for company branding, then followed by client name, address, contact, delivery date and time. The contents of the template are an explanation of the type of food with the ingredients used. The bottom of the template is the special instructions and CC number of clients.

Catering Services Receipt

This receipt format is issued if you rent out catering services at an event. The header is business information. You need to write the number of receipt, customer name, and the date. The second part is a table containing description, hours of workers, rate, and amount. At the end it’s the subtotal, tax and payment due.

Catering Order Receipt

If your client orders food without the worker’s services, then use this one template. The table inside is the total package of details of the type of food ordered. Each number of meals is also explained according to the number of guests used. Usually the client can ask for quality food based on the budget that has been provided.

Catering Payment Receipt

This sheet is similar to an invoice because it’s the same format. However, it looks simpler especially in the table. You need to record the name of the customer and his contacts, then proceed with a quantity table for each type of food. Write the unit price, line total, sub total, tax and total in the table section.

Sample Official Catering

Catering Acknowledgment

This catering receipt template is similar to a memo because it contains a notification. Catering parties issue this to state that they have received an amount of money to pay for the order. This notice needs to include the date in the header. While the footer is filled with a signature over printed name.

Choosing the Caterer

  1. Size

As a client, you need to know how big the event will be. The large number of invited guests can affect the readiness of the catering. The bigger the company, they have their own order capacity. Make an estimate of the number of guests and look for a caterer who is able to work on order.

  1. Communication

Caterers who have this skill can benefit the client. Not all clients understand how the catering business process works, so they will ask lots of questions. Choose a caterer with very good communication. In addition to fast response, able to negotiate, they must also be able to understand the client’s wishes.

  1. Experience

To measure whether your event is successful, then you need to choose an experienced caterer. Find out how far they can publish an event both large and small scale. Watch for testimonials from customers who have used their services.

Sample Printable Catering Sample Catering Acknowledgement Sample Catering Services Sample Food Catering

In business, catering receipt template is legal document. This sheet is needed as a step for transparency in doing business with clients. If you don’t have time to make a receipt, some samples on the internet can help you. The contents of the information can be edited according to your goals and needs.

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