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9+ Cash Receipt Template

Businesses engaged in sales will surely issue receipts as proof of transaction. With the cash receipt template, the buyer gets a guarantee that the goods are in accordance with the quality promised. The following are some samples of cash receipts and the importance of this template for your business.

Sample Donation Cash

Cash Acknowledgment Receipt

This receipt is widely used in companies. The most important information is the receipt number, date, name and phone number as the identity. After that, the receipt explains the number bill used for withdrawals, the origin of the account, the name to whom, and the station. In general, this cash receipt only applies to the terms and conditions described in the sheet.

Cash Ticket Receipt

The form of the cash ticket is quite unique, usually describing school or campus activities when touring or training. They need to make a list of departments, projects, accounts, amounts and descriptions. At the bottom of the template there is the type of media used and the deposit amount. Contact information is the name of the campus, department name, and person in charge.

Cash Voucher Receipt

In general, vouchers can replace cash payments. However, each voucher should have detailed ownership information so that it is not misused. This receipt includes various information such as account number, department name, transaction description, and date. Of course, this receipt has a validity period that is printed on the printed voucher.

Sample Editable Receipt

Cash Sale Receipt

Purchase of goods with cash methods must have cash receipt. This sheet will be proof that the transaction has occurred and agreed by both parties. In addition to information about items, identity, and photos of items, you also need to include a witness identity during the transaction. If there are indications of fraud, the plaintiff’s position will be strong.

Cash Service Receipt

Purchasing a service tends to be more difficult than goods with a certain form. When you make a booking, you need to receive cash receipt after making payment. The receipt is valid and you can sue if there is a specific error indication. But the information in the receipt must be in accordance with your data so that claims can be made.

Sample Petty Cash

The Importance of Cash Receipt Template

  1. Easier to Return

There are times when the items that reach the recipient’s hands are not in accordance with the seller’s guarantee. If the buyer has a receipt, it means they have proof they have done it at that place. Submitting claims and returning items will be easier. This also avoids conflicts between seller and buyer.

  1. Know Your Money Goes

Many businesses fail because of poor financial records. You do not know where you have capital because of over-budget or buying unnecessary things. Cash receipt template can be used to reflect wherever your money goes.

  1. Tax is Easy

Tax calculation is a very complicated thing. Every year you need to find out how much you have to pay to the country. If the financial records are neat, then you don’t need to worry when making a payment. For this reason, keep all receipts in an archive.

Sample Printable Cash Receipt Template Sample Blank Cash Sample Cash Advance Receipt Sample Company Receipt Example Sample Daily Cash Sample Daily

Receipt in the form of printale and handwritten. If you make handwritten cash receipt template, you need to use black ink because the writing is more durable. Use language that is easy to understand and in the format of points. This can avoid misunderstanding when read by other parties.

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