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9+ Call Sheet Template

Do you need a call sheet template? But first, let’s get to know what actually call sheet template is. It can be a vital production document consists of all the important data or information. Sometimes it’s needed in process of making film or photo shoot. As well as you detailed and wrote in in a detail, it will bring you end up with success. Otherwise, if there is a missing thing you can’t avoid, you may find some of problems.

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Things You Need to Include into Your Call Sheet

A call sheet contains everything you need to know when it comes to a film making or photo shooting. It contains call times, crew calls, crew members, phone numbers, and various other important things. If you’re visiting this page for getting some of call sheet templates that ready to use, you’re in the right place. Here we’ll show you what things you need to include on your call sheet so it will helpful for you.

1.  You should put a contact details

Sometimes, a call sheet template includes contact information (it can be phone numbers) for the most important person on the shoot and it’s located at the top of the call sheet. Even though there might be some of differences at every shoot, it usually consists of some positions such as the First Assistant Director (1st AD), Second Assistant Director (2nd AD), and the Unit Production Manager (UPM).

2.  It should include the production title and general crew call

In order to make people always remember, it’s important to put the name of your production into a call sheet. There are some of options you can put into your call sheet to make it pop such as logo of the project or some other iconography. If you’re working for the TV show project, it’s better to put the episode number or tittle of the episode. Special announcements for the day will also be important to be included.

3.  Don’t remember to put information about the date, DOOD, weather, and schedule

It’s also important to put the date, DOOD, weather, and even schedule on the near top. You should also put the high and low temperatures for the day as information of the weather. Sometimes the sunrise or sunset times will also be the things need to consider. By including some of important information, it will help people know how it will be going there. Further, by knowing it, they can prepare themselves further.

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The call sheet looks like really important as well as it helps everyone to know their call time. With a call sheet template, you’ll be able to make anything well-managed.

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