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Business Receipt Template

Accountability of a business can be seen from the way to save evidence of expenses and income. That is why, business receipt templates must be made so that notes are neater. All transaction details can be recorded so that proof of purchase or expenditure is valid. Here are some types of receipt templates that can be used for your business.

Packing Receipt

Businesses engaged in shipping services will issue packing slips. The contents of the sheet consist of company identity, vendor identity, and shipping address. Item and ship quantity descriptions are definitely mentioned and written in the table. Additional to the heading are the PO number, terms, salesperson, and date. While the footer is the signature.

Itemized Service

After an order has been completed or shipped, an itemized service will be issued. This sheet contains a list of items that must be paid by the client. The summary has been added together with tax. An invoice requires a certain period as an opportunity for clients to make payments.

Rent Receipt

A prroperty owner needs to prepare this receipt to facilitate billing. The form is in the form of a table containing the principal information. Tenants only need to pay a sum of money with the payment method that has been agreed upon within a certain period. This receipts will be received periodically by tenants.

Cash Receipt

The purpose of using these business receipt templates is very versatile, so it doesn’t have a special heading. The form is simple by including information on receipt number, date, amount paid, payment method and payment description. When payment has been completed, this receipt can be given a signature or a certain stamp.

Transportation Receipt

All expenses for a business need to have clear evidence as a reference. This includes transportation expenses by certain employees. Usually the financing system uses the employee’s personal money, then a transportation receipt is made. The company is obliged to pay the amount stated on the invoice by considering evidence from employees.

Why Business Receipt Templates Are Important

  1. Easier to Do Return

Every time you find an item that is not suitable, you can submit a return. Each submission requires receipt as proof that you have made a transaction. For this reason, every receipt must be stored properly after making a transaction. The return process will be easier by including the receipt.

  1. Tracking expense

Assertiveness is needed in managing business finance. Capital must be used carefully so as not to lose money or even over budget. By saving receipts, you can guess how your expenses are. If it is considered too wasteful, you can check receipts and decide on cutting in various parts that are not necessary.

  1. Easy to audit

Businesses under a group are sure to be audited. This inspection is sometimes done suddenly or in a short time. You need to easily prepare references from the financial department if the notes are neat. Make sure all receipts are neatly filed so that it is easy to compile reports.

Sample Home Based Business Receipt PDF Download

You can create business receipt templates in Excel and Google spreadsheets. If you find it difficult, you can search for various templates that can be edited. In addition to saving time, you can also adjust the type of template according to the needs of the documentation notes. Don’t forget to enter the date and proof associated with the expense.

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