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8+ Business Bill of Sale Template

Business bill is a sheet that can be categorized as a legal document. This sheet is always related to sales, so it is called a business bill of sale. This bill format varies, depending on the type of business being run. The following are various types of bills with different uses.

Sample free business bill of sale template

General Business Bill

The form of a business bill in general is to contain a declaration that there has been a transaction between the seller and the buyer. The type of item is clearly described, especially if the item is categorized as valuable. After the description, the bill contains a statement that the seller and buyer have reached an agreement with certain terms and conditions.

Corporation Bill

Not only sales, business bills of sale can also be issued when the two companies collaborate. This bill contains a statement that the first company and the second company have cooperated in a certain period. However, the signing of this business bill requires several witnesses who are generally chosen from third parties.

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Intangible Business bill

The type of business that is rife lately is intangible objects. Transacted goods are not real objects, such as assets or documents. You need to make a bill that is tailored to the theme. In the declaration, the buyer must state that the transaction occurs clearly, fully described, so there will be no misunderstanding in the future.

The Simple Business Bill of Sale

If the value of the item is not too high, the bill can be made simply. In the header section only needs to be written Business Bill of Sale, then followed by the seller and buyer identity such as name, address and contact. After that, each item or asset sold is stated in value. At the end is the signature of both parties.

Sample Business Bill Of Sale Free Download

Agreement Bill

A business does not have to be a transaction, but it can also be in the form of an agreement. This sheet contains a statement that an agreement occurred between the parties involved on a certain date. Agreement requires witnesses mentioned in the bill. The last part is a signature consisting of sellers, buyers and witnesses.

Importance of Billing

  1. It’s completed

When a bill is issued, the transaction status is complete. In business, of course this is very important. All sales or purchase activities are well recorded. That way, the financial department is easier to ensure cash flow.

  1. As follow up

Various payments must be adjusted and may not pass deadlines, as well as on a business scale. You must keep the given period so that there are no violations in the agreement. Through this receipt, you can follow up without having to make special notes.

  1. Valid deal

Your business will look professional if you always make a bill every time a transaction is made. That means you always make neat transaction evidence. The buyer will also not hesitate in submitting a claim because they hold the bill as proof or official documents.

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Various references from the business bill of sale can be found on the internet. Some templates are easy to edit so you only need to fill in the information contained in them. Choose a template that suits your business, then customize the format. Besides being more practical, you also don’t need to make your own bills.

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