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5+ Business Agreement Between Two Parties

Download Sample and Templates of Business Agreement Between Two Parties

A verbal agreement is simple and valid when it is done by two parties that are known to each other for so long. Well, probably this only works well to close friends and relatives with the small transaction. However, the agreement is agreement no matter your transaction is. This includes the business that it should be done in a written contract to give security for both parties. Therefore, you need a business agreement between two parties.

Business Contract Agreement Between Two Parties

Writing or drafting a business agreement should follow the legal guidelines so it is considered having the legal binding in front of the law. Therefore, our business agreement between two parties template can help you make a professional agreement.

When Do You Need To Draft An Agreement?

When it comes to a business, even though your partner is a close friend, a business contract is essential. Probably right now your relationship with your partner is chummy, but in the future, you might have some disagreement.  Besides, you need to draft a contract when you meet the following conditions:

  • Supplying or purchasing a service or goods
  • Borrowing some money
  • Renting properties
  • Entering collaboration, joint venture or partnership

Confidential Disclosure Business Agreement Between Two Parties

How Is The Validity of the Contract?

Keep in mind that there are some agreements that will be considered void at the very first time. Therefore, the breach will not make the parties responsible for it. An agreement is considered not valid when meets the following condition:

  • The contract is agreed due to a misleading conduct
  • Someone who has no capability to make decision agreed or signed an agreement. This includes someone that is mentally incapacitated and someone who was intoxicated during the agreement process.
  • The contract details against the criminal law
  • The contract is clearly unfair

How To Draft Business Agreement?

You can look up our page and download business agreement between two parties samples. Now you can make your own agreement easily and professionally.

Don’t forget to follow the tips below:

  • Make it clear and simple – when it comes to an agreement of a business, a dispute will be possible in the future. Therefore, it is very wise to keep it as simple and understandable as you can. Don’t include unnecessary jargon so both parties will understand well.
  • Identify the parties – Make sure you identify the parties’ detail, from the legal names of each party that is included in the contract.
  • Be Explicit – Go to the specific expectation of both parties.

Include when and how the contract can be terminated – Some people make the agreement temporary, so they mention the termination. If you think so, include the time when this agreement can be terminated. Mention also other things such as someone who breaks the agreement can be terminated or not. How the termination will be done and how the profit will be shared after one party violated the agreement. Consultancy Business Agreement Between Two Parties General Business Agreement Between Two Parties Partnership Business Agreement Between Two Parties

Apart from that, a business agreement between two parties template and sample here is free. You can download and learn what needs to be included in the agreement.

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