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6+ Building Security Checklist Template

Making a Building Security Checklist for Crime Prevention

Every building has its own security devices. This certainly becomes very important to have, so all aspects of a company can be protected and safe. Having a building security checklist may help you organizing what device or action that you need to protect your company assets. Here we provide you some tips and tricks as creating your own security checklist.

Sample Building Security Checklist Template

What is a security checklist for building?

A security checklist is a spreadsheet that contains several important things related to building security. It will provide some lists about building maintenance, security devices, visitor rules, and many more. When it comes to checklist building, make sure to put the needed information only. Make it as simple as possible, so you can get a better understanding while checking.

How to make professional building security checklist

Creating your own security checklist needs more focus since it deals with building safety. Let’s check out these simple steps to make your own checklist.

  1. Pick the template

Today, several websites provide many kinds of templates with different designs. You can just pick the template that matches your own needs.

  1. Focus on building security

Your building probably has security safeguards, and you also need to support it with other security devices and rules. Adding building CCTV, recording and alarm systems, or access devices to your list can be a good idea. Also, making certain rules about visitor registration will make your building more secure.

  1. Recheck

Make sure to recheck the checklist. Start by visiting one room to others and write what security devices that are needed for each room.

Building Security Regulations Checklist

  • Give every employee ID card and access control
  • The visitor should have a visitor ID card to enter the building
  • Always close the door
  • Make sure to allow authorized people in secure areas
  • Always ask visitor’s purpose for entering the building

School Security Checklist

Building a security checklist also can be used for school security. Unlike the office security checklist, the school may have fewer checklists. For security devices, CCTV and alarm systems probably enough for security devices. In order to keep students and teacher secured, you can add some regulations such as limiting the school hours, always check every guest outside school concerns, and others

Sample Security Checklist for Office Buildings Template

Mall Security Checklist

Every public place surely has its own security devices and guidelines. Each mall has its own different security lists. Commonly the checklist provides information about security devices and emergency plans. Identifying crime possibilities in the shopping center area is surely important.

Home Security Checklist

Who says only public areas need building security checklist, your home also needs this checklist. A home security checklist can protect your family from danger. In this checklist, you list what are the best security devices that your home needs. Besides, you also can add several rules such as always remember to lock the door, do not let the door open, and others.

Sample Simple Building Security Checklist Template 1 Sample Building and Ground Security Checklist Template Sample Building Security and Premises Checklist Template Sample Building Security Checklist Format

Creating a building security checklist is actually simple and easy. However, you need to keep the focus on certain things related to building safety and security. Many security templates are now available on the internet. Now, you can just download and customize it based on your preferences.

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