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5+ Brainstorming Checklist Template

Making a Professional and Effective Brainstorming Checklist

What is the first thing that comes up on your mind as hearing the word “brainstorming”? Something scary or exciting? There are a lot of definitions when it comes to brainstorming, but let’s talk about the positive one. Brainstorming is a method that develops ideas and creativity. To make it succeed, a brainstorming checklist often used as doing this technique.

Sample Printable Brainstorming Checklist Template

What is the brainstorming checklist?

Some of you probably have not heard about this kind of checklist. A checklist for brainstorming activity is mostly used as a guide as someone introduces brainstorming towards a certain group. Brainstorming can be an efficient way to generate new ideas, logical thinking, and critical thinking. Using a brainstorming list can be very helpful in optimizing the process.

How to make a checklist for the brainstorming process

Creating the brainstorming process is a bit difficult. You need to focus on certain things in order to make the process going well. Let’s check out these 3 steps as starting the brainstorming.

  1. Be clear about everything. Start by identifying and focusing on the problem, your goal, and others. This will help you discover a good solution.
  2. Make your checklist. Since the purpose of brainstorming is to create new ideas, now you can write it down on the checklist.
  3. Focus on the most important one. As a lot of ideas come up on your mind, make sure to list it from based on the priority. Be realistic as choosing your ideas. Ask yourself some questions related to your ideas.

Things you should consider as listing ideas

If you get so many new and fresh ideas on your brainstorming checklist, it is better to eliminate it. The below question probably will help you consider which ideas should be listed or not.

  • Will your idea be acceptable by others?
  • Is it easy and possible to practice?
  • How many times and much money that needed for it?
  • Is it okay to perform it in recent times?

What ideas should not be on the list?

As doing brainstorming, always remember that there are no bad ideas. Just write down all your ideas. Sometimes it does not need to be good or logical. However, you need to make sure you choose certain ideas that are promising and make sense. Therefore, you can start planning how to implement it.

Three Period Time of brainstorming

As making a checklist for brainstorming, make sure to separate it into three periods; before, during, and after. Before-checklist relates to ideas identification, tools and facilitator determination, and others. Meanwhile, the during-checklist relates to exploring ideas, making an outline, and reviewing the brief. Then, after-checklist provides the plan and what steps to continue ideas.

Sample Simple Brainstorming Checklist Example 1

Brainstorming: Osborn Checklist

When it comes to brainstorming checklist, some people will relate it to the Osborne checklist. Osborne becomes a person who succeeds in brainstorming.  There are several things highlighted in the Osborn checklist, like modify, magnify, minify, substitute, rearrange, and combine. This checklist becomes very popular and often used on many occasions.

Sample Simple Brainstorming Checklist Template Sample Comparative Brainstorming Checklist Template Sample Free Brainstorming Checklist Example

So, making a checklist for brainstorming is not that difficult, right? Nowadays, there are many brainstorming templates is available on the website. You can freely download and edit it based on your needs. Make sure to make it simple and easy to understand.

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