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8+ Blood Sugar Log Template

Free Download Blood Sugar Log Template Excel, Word, and PDF

Why Do You Need A Blood Sugar Log Template?

The blood sugar log template is designed for checking the person’s sugar levels in every health check. This is not only used by the dietician but also physicians when receiving medicines. Knowing the graphic of blood sugar level will help everyone aware of the food intakes that later will be beneficial to health.

blood sugar log 001

However, even though you are not a physician it is important to check regularly with our blood sugar log template. You can see the trend of your body blood sugar so you can evaluate your lifestyle.

Reasons Why You Need To Test Your Blood Sugar

Whether it is self-monitoring blood glucose or it is checked by a physician, there will be some benefits you will know:

  • This can help you reach the best treatment goals
  • Understand how the lifestyle like your diet and exercise can improve your blood sugar levels
  • You can evaluate your health by understanding certain factors like illness, stress, and others which affect the blood sugar levels
  • You can identify your blood sugar level whether it is low or high

When Do You Need To Test Your Blood Sugar?

Doctors will suggest you check your blood sugar regularly, but the frequency will depend on the type of diabetes you have and also your treatments.

Type 1 Diabetes – Your physician might recommend you to test your blood sugar 4-10 times per day that usually should be done before meals and snacks, right before and after doing exercise, before going to bed and also during the night. If you are feeling under the weather, then you should check it more often.

blood sugar log 002

Type 2 Diabetes – The blood sugar testing might be done several times per day especially if you take insulin to manage this type of diabetes. If you take multiple injections in a day, then multiple testing will be needed. At least it will be twice a day. But if you don’t take the injection, you don’t have to do it daily.

Does The Continous Glucose Monitor (CGM) Help You A Lot?

People with type 1 diabetes usually will opt for The CGM. Each minute, this tool will help you monitor the blood sugar level through a sensor that is inserted under the skin.

cda smbg log 1

Some blood sugar tester will read it all times and this will go off once the fluctuation of the blood sugar level is changing dramatically. The other tools will need to run the receiver periodically. However, this device still needs finger-stick checks.

How To Check Your Blood Sugar Level?

If you already know how to use the glucometer, you can follow the following instruction.

  • Prepare the blood sugar log template
  • Wash and then dry your hands
  • Insert the test strip
  • Prick the fingertip with the lancet that is provided in the test kit
  • Squeeze your fingertip gently until you can drop the blood
  • Then you need to touch and also hold the edge of the strip
  • Read the glucometer and write down the result on the blood sugar log template cdepatientworksheet diabetes log parker endo bg log blood sugar flow sheets insulin blood sugar log templates doc

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