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5+ Blank Receipt Sample Template

In business or organization, receipts have a very important role. Aside from being an accounting record, receipts are also evidence of transactions given to customers. Blank receipt sample takes many forms, but most contain an amount of sale. Both in printed and written form, receipts become legal documents in various services.

Sample Blank Donation Receipt Template

Delivery Receipt

This form indicates that the delivery process begins after the receipt is issued. The seller has given the goods to the shipping service. After the goods arrive in the hands of the buyer, then the receipt needs to be signed. In this form are the name of the sender, recipient, type of goods shipped, weight, address and contact.

Cash Receipt

Various purchase transactions generally use this one sheet. When the receipt has been signed by the party concerned, it means the payment has been successful. In receipt, there are various tables that mention items, description, account, amount, and total. Payment and signature dates are very necessary in this receipt so that they are valid.

Sample Blank Receipt for Services

Payment Receipt

This blank receipt sample can be used for down payments, cash, or installments. In the top section of the sheet is the payment date, payer’s name, address and contact. After that is a description of the purpose of payment made. The amount of money paid needs to be stated in the form so that there is no misunderstanding between the two parties.

Donation Receipt

When you make a donation to a particular organization, you will receive an receipt. Its role is very important as an organization’s transparency, because they will not receive money whose sources are unclear. The template consists of donor information, donation items, estimated donation amounts and notes.

Rent Receipt

This form can be made very briefly, similar to a written statement. Inside is a statement that party A has rented an item with a rental period. Receipt also explains the payment method used. Receipt becomes vald when the form has been signed by landlord.

Purpose of Blank Receipt Sample

  1. Information

Communication with clients is very effective if they are given a receipt when making a transaction. They will find out what items they ordered, many units, prices, sub-totals, and how much tax to pay. While for business owners, receipts will serve as transaction records. You can do careful planning on the next business decision.

  1. Accounting

A good business will have a record of sales and revenue. That is, the business has a healthy financial record and financial condition. Coupled with an annual tax report that requires information about gross business. Receipt collection becomes a reference that makes it easy for you to make a report.

  1. Donation

If you are the owner of an organization, then receipts are very important for the report. Administrators are required to clearly convey the source of funds obtained. Every donor is required to have a receipt, so that their financial can be accounted for. This also relates to the obligation of an organization to carry out a tax audit.

Sample Blank Restaurant Receipt Template Sample Blank Sales Receipt Template Sample Blank Delivery Receipt Template

The use of blank receipt sample needs to be adjusted to the type of business or organization. You can find various samples that can be downloaded. These templates really help you save time because they can be edited easily. Make sure every transaction you always accompanied by receipt as proof of payment.

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