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9+ Blank Bill of Lading Templates

The bill of lading is known as the BoL. This template is included in one legal document that can be validated. The contents of the blank bill of lading templates are notes about shipping goods. If an error occurs or damage, the parties involved can submit a claim. Here are the various types of BoL according to the type of goods or how to delivery.

Blank Bill of Lading Templates 3

Generic Bill

This bill contains detailed information ranging from shipper, ship to and also the third party bill to freight charges. The sheet also includes special instructors, if any. The tables in the template include customer orders n, weight, and freight charge items.

Straight Bill

Unlike other types of BoL, straight bills reveal that ownership is non-negotiable. The goods must arrive at the intended recipient and cannot be transferred back to the sender. These blank bill of lading templates are similar to BoL, namely item description, quantity, weight, rate and charge. Generally, this one shipment is cash on delivery.

Short Bill

This bill has a simple form. It contains only information that if needed such as shipper and recipient. However, the type of goods sent must be clearly explained in the bill, also the weight and value. This bill is only used for ordering goods that are low risk, cheap, and without insurance.

Ocean Bill

If you use shipping services by sea, the type of bill used is the ocean bill. In contrast to BoL in general, in this template there is information about the voyage and vessel number, also loading ports. This provision must be followed because the method of distributing goods by sea has many methods.

Blank Bill of Lading Templates 4

Trucking Bill

The most widely used shipping service is by land. The risk is low because it only experienced moving areas or cities. Even so, shipments must be equipped with shipper and recipient information. The service party must also know the type of goods sent and ensure that the goods are not prohibited or dangerous goods.

Importance of Blank Bill of Lading Templates

  1. The evidence

Far distance transactions can be said to be successful if the goods are sent. The buyer will ask for proof of delivery in which case the bill of lading can be represented. Both the sender and recipient can confirm the existence of goods whose processes are in the hands of phak shipping.

  1. Title of document

Documents or items sent are only valid when they have a title. That way, the status of the item can be known by the recipient. With this bill, the shipping service states that they are the intermediary between the sender and recipient.

  1. Receipt the item

The sender entrusts his goods to be carried by the service. As a third party, they are responsible for getting the goods to their destination. Issuance of this bill is valid proof that they are willing to become a third party and are ready to bear the risk.

Blank Bill of Lading Templates 5 Blank Bill of Lading Templates 6 Sample Straight Bill of Lading Short Form from Drake Transportation Sample Transport Delivery Sample UC Davis Bill of Lading Blank Bill of Lading Templates 1 Blank Bill of Lading Templates 2

Although made by the shipper, blank bill of lading templates need to be understood by the recipient and the shipping service. This is to avoid mistakes in receiving goods and also how to service. When this bill was issued, the templates changed to become legal documents that could be validated by shipper and recipient.

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