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10+ Birthday Card Template to tell that you love them

9 Mesmerizing Design of Birthday Card Template to tell that you love them

Seemly, you are looking for a birthday card template. Whom is the person having the birthday party? Everyone must be happy when they get a birthday card from the nearest people. It is because their birthday is very important for each person. Alongside that, they feel that the people around them love and appreciate their existence in this world. You also feel the same case, aren’t you? Therefore, get the best designs from the 9 options below to make a birthday card template. Afterward, present it for your dearest person with love.

birthday card template 1

Stunning Birthday Card Template Ideas for Kids

Okay, start your birthday card template for kids. The children are the people who most happy with the birthday party. Consequently, do not forget to give the card before you give them the gifts. Surprise the children with these 5 stunning birthday cards:

  1. Animation Character

You can make it with involving the Vector cartoons with the birthday ornaments. This birthday card is very cute with their faces and their name in the garland.

  1. Birthday Party

Make it elegant but touchable with your wise words for your children, nephew, niece, and other. Add some ornaments such as a gift box, dolls, and so on.

  1. Cute animal animation birthday card

The template design of the card is very cute though the process of the design is very easy. Here are some smiling animals such as monkey, giraffe, lion, elephant, and zebra. They smile under the words of happy birthday.

  1. Enchanting Balloon and gift

This card is for the kid’s girl with pink as the color theme. By the way, the gift boxes hang on some balloons.

  1. Birthday Cake Card

The Birthday party must relate to the birthday cake. Use this theme is also suitable for the kids.

4 Amazing Designs of the Birthday Card for Teens and Adult

Besides kids, teens and adults also still have the same feeling until they are adult. Many of them being sad when their closest people forget about their special day. Do not let it happen. Create their birthday card template immediately with the 3 amazing designs below:

  • Festive elegant theme

It is not difficult to create this birthday card. Only with the “Happy birthday” theme, you can create it with writing the theme in the center. Then, surround it with starts and the gift boxes around.

  • Wiser Older card

Certainly, this birthday card is suitable for the old man. You may create it for your father, mother, uncle, aunt, grandmother, and also the grandfather. The design is very simple but it is suitable for your age. Its only content of some words in the middle space with the striped colors around.

  • Classy elegant card

The card comes in gold color theme with stars, balloons, and gift boxes as the ornaments around. In the middle space, you can write your words for your friends or your family members.

  • Cool birthday card

This cool card still uses the same ornaments such as above. Even though, the main color themes of the paper are blue and white. Then, the balloon looks colorful too.

birthday card template 2 birthday card template 3 birthday card template 4 birthday card template 5 birthday card template 6 birthday card template 7 birthday card template 8 birthday card template 9 birthday card template 10 birthday card template 11

Which birthday card template do you choose? By the way, all of the designs above are awesome and none will reject your gift. Okay, show your love in their special day whoever celebrate it today.

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