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8+ Bill Receipt Template

A bill must be clearly written and follow business standards. Inside the bill receipt template, there is a variety of information about an item being transacted. In addition, payment information related to the transaction also needs to be included such as the seller and buyer. Below are some sample bill transactions that can be used for you and your clients.

Sample Sale Bill Receipt

General Bill

This bill can be used for goods transactions if your business is still on a small scale. The header only says “Bill Receipt”. Before writing tables, you must write date, time, and server number information. The table on this bill lists quantity, description of items, unit price and total.

Lading Bill

If you have a business that involves shipping services, you need to make a lading bill. The contents of the bill consists of various tables. The first table is the identity of the sender and recipient. The main table is information that includes carrier’s receipt. At the bottom of the template is the signature of the sender with the date.

Dock Bill

This bill is similar to an AWB or airway bill. Generally you will use this when making a shipping transaction. This template contains a booking number, shipped/sea way/received bill option, value and declaration. Bill is used by large companies involved in export and import activities.

Pay Bill

This bill is commonly used at banks. Some bank products generally have an auto-debit system so that customers only need to receive bills within a certain period. The format on this bill is the schedule reference number, from the account, the amount and also the date when the balance is drawn automatically.

Sample Sample Bill Of Sale

Sale Bill

In general, sale bills are used for transactions of valuables such as vehicles. This template heading is an instruction that explains the terms and conditions that must be fulfilled by both parties. Next is the table containing the seller, purchaser information, selling price, description, and certification signature.

Bill Receipt Template Writing Tips

  1. Comprehensive

The receipt must be easily understood by the client. In this case, the maker of the receipt must include information with important points. That way, clients can find detailed information quickly. For example, the date of receipt is issued and the price on the bill must be clearly stated as placed in the header or footer.

  1. Price

The price on the bill needs to be listed, then the total is listed at the bottom. If the items traded have more than one type, then all of them must be listed as a table column. You should always make a clear price list with a brief description, quantity, and items per unit.

  1. Formal

Whoever your client, bill receipt template has to be written in a formal format. A good format is part of the manner in doing business. On the other hand, a bill is a document that validates a transaction. Certain parties must use it to strengthen financial documentation.

Sample Bill of Sale Receipt Sample Bill Payment Sample Blank Bill Of Sale Receipt Sample Dock Bill Receipt Sample Motor Vehical Bill Receipt Sample Pay Bill Receipt

Unlike invoices, bill receipt template is issued when the client has not made a payment. There is a time lag in which the buyer must prepare a sum of money to pay. As a seller, you have the right to provide payment deadlines within a certain period. After the total is paid, the client will hold a receipt or invoice.

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