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8+ Bill of Sale Form Template

The document that records the transaction is called a bill of sale form. This sheet contains detailed information that is generally used as proof of sale and purchase of valuables. Both parties, both the seller and the buyer must keep valid evidence. The following are some examples of bills with different uses.

Sample free bill of sale form

General Bill of Sale

The general form of a bill is information about sellers and buyers. The header is the company name and full address. The first part of the bill is information about the buyer such as name, contact number and address. The second part is the information of the item that was sold. The last part is the signature added to the footer of transaction.

Motorcycle Bill

This bill not only presents information that a sale and purchase transaction is carried out. Inside there is information about vehicle details such as manufacture, year, model, mileage and color. The seller also needs to write down the motorcycle value and form of payment. At the bottom is a statement explaining that the seller has handed over the motorcycle to the buyer.

Boat and Trailer Bill

Purchasing a boat and trailer must include a bill as proof of ownership transfer. Inside is complete information from the seller and buyer. The seller must also include a description of the boat from make, model, year, hull ID and its title. The sheet also lists the price that must be paid by the buyer. The last part is the signature of both parties.

Sample motorcycle bill of sale form

Truck Bill

This document is published if you conduct a truck transaction. The contents are similar to a general bill of sale form, between seller and buyer information, description of trucks, and declarations. However, the sales schedule includes an odometer reading and a date read. Preferably, the odometer reading is done together with the buyer.

Jewelry Bill

Items that require a bill of sale are jewelry. Bill consists of seller and buyer information, jewelry type, materials, quality, trading license, weight and sale price. The main function of this bill is to facilitate the buyer if one day wants to sell jewelry to another party. Bill also needs a signature for validation.

Sample printable bill of sale form

Details of The Bill of sale Form

  1. Heading

To look professional, you need to add a heading to the bill. Heading consists of bill types, for example vehicle bills, boat bills, or car bills. Above the heading is a header similar to an official letter. If you are acting as a company, then list the company name, address and contact.

  1. Description

The thing that you should never forget is writing a description of the item being traded. You may need to accompany various supporting documents such as an initial confirmation note. You can also see the item manual that lists the full item specifications.

  1. Statement

Statement or declaration is a mandatory part of the bill. The form can be written formally like a bill of sale form on various websites. With this declaration, both parties have agreed to an agreement made between the two.

Sample Vehicle Bill of Sale Form Sample auto bill of sale form Sample automotive bill of sale form Sample blank bill of sale form Sample Boat Bill of sale form

If you are confused when making bills, you can download various bill of sale form on the internet. You don’t need to make your own because most templates can be edited to suit your needs. The most important main content that should be on the bill is clearly stated.

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