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9+ Bill of Lading Form Template

Free Download Bill of Lading Form and Rules About What To Write

What Is A Bill of Lading?

When we talk about the shipping process, we will always deal with the bill of lading form. This document is required that also as a contract and a receipt at the same time. When the bill of lading has been received, this will legally bind and the person who received it has the obligation to deliver the goods to the consignee in a good condition. Therefore, the document should be signed by the authorized representative from the carrier, shipper until the receiver.

Straight Bill of Lading Short Form1

An example of a bill of lading is when a logistic company transports the gasoline via heavy trucks from Texas to Arizona. To make the document legally binding, then both parties; driver and the plant representative sign the document. Once the carrier has delivered the fuel to the gas station in Arizona, then the truck driver will also request the station clerk to sign the document.

Characteristics of Bill of Lading Form

  • This is a legal document which is issued by the courier company to the shipper which detailing goods including type, destination and quantity are being carried.
  • Besides act as an agreement, the bill of lading also acts as receipt and document of title.
  • It should be signed by the carrier companies, shipper and also receivers.
  • The document will prevent the assets from thefts.

Straight Bill of Lading

Note that the information of BOL is crucial which will direct the person who is carrying the goods during the route of shipment. It should detail the location of the receiver, how the shipper should handle the goods, how it is billed and many more. On the other hand, the consignee must check the shipment once it is received before signing the document.

How To Make Bill of Lading

Generating a bill of lading is not easy. You should arrange and write down many details so you will get avoided by the future dispute. Luckily, right now you can make your own BOL from our template. It is easy to customize and really editable. This friendly document is free for download.

Also, pay attention to the following tips!

Clear and Accurate

Making a BOL should have clear and accurate details. it is not only about the goods details, the general information of the receiver and so on, but also the terms and conditions when certain things happen.

Always Use The Same Lading Form

To avoid mistakes if shipping is not the first time, you can use the same format. So, this is the best part of using our template. You can maintain your old format and edit it as you wish.

Store data Online

For eliminating risks, it is required to have your data online so you will not lose data when bad things happen.

Uniform Straight Form of Billing able Bill of Lading Short Form Bill of Lading Form to Bill of Lading Short Form Commercial Government Bill of Lading Form Sample Bill of Lading Short Form Straight Bill of Lading Short Form

That’s the quick information about bill of lading information. Not when you are making this BOL, don’t include a full image of the goods. Always list at least one contact information to ease the shipper find the receiver. Some shippers cannot find the receiver house and this will be beneficial to contact them.

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