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7+ Bi Weekly Budget Template

Free Download Bi Weekly Budget Template for Any Kind Of Business

What Is Bi Weekly Budget Template?

Many employees love being paid bi-weekly. If you are going to apply bi-weekly, then there will be 26 paychecks for a year. Many hourly workers and salaried workers paid bi-weekly too. This means the employees are paid twice a month. If you are going to apply the system, then you need our bi weekly budget template.

printable weekly budget templates

How To Know If Bi Weekly Budget Is Suitable for Your Business

While we often here most employees love getting paid twice a month, there a lot of factors you should consider including your industry as well as the average wages.

In fact, bi-weekly is not always safe for a certain industry. In case you are running a business that focuses on manufacturing and construction, bi-weekly pay offers security for the employees and your business because this field has so many obstacles including permitting issues and also funds that might run out.

printable weekly budget

But for the HR team, bi-weekly can e a nightmare if you don’t provide sufficient human resource to help you manage the payroll. This will be a big challenge.

What Are The Advantages Of Paying Employees Biweekly?

It Saves Your Time

In fact, paying the employees biweekly can save so much time. Payroll can be the most time consuming that you should calculate, include overtime wage, additional compensation, salaries and so on. You also need to calculate the deductions including taxes and voluntary. If you do it by weekly, that means your employees have to process it twice a month. This will help you to avoid any payroll errors.

It Saves Money

Employers often use payroll service providers that it will charge you a fee every time you make a transaction. So, cutting the weekly payroll into biweekly can save the money from a certain charge. Besides, using this service will give you a safe feel because they save the history of the payment in several years. You have more storage room for certain things.

It Benefits The Employees

Admit it or not, the employees love getting paid twice a month because this helps them to manage their money. Many employees often feel broke days before payday which they often have difficulties in managing money in the early month. So, bi-weekly will lift their burden and help them manage their money.

In certain cases, a biweekly payroll is more convenient. Time processing is always the main problem in most business and it is always followed by the multiple errors which make you work twice. This payment method will simplify reconciliation by reducing the HR burden. Besides, this is easy also when it comes to taxes.

simple weekly budget weekly budget calculator weekly budget planner weekly budget worksheet weekly time budget

Our bi-weekly budget template comes in various format and layout. This is designed in a flexible way so it suits to any kind of business. However, before you consider to apply this payroll system, look at your company financial stability. Just like we said before, the biweekly is pretty safe for a business that has an uncertain future such as permission that leads to cancelation in the middle of the project.

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