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8+ Best Printable Receipt Template

Receipt has many advantages in various business situations. This sheet is evidence to validate a transaction. If you plan to make a receipt, you can find the best printable receipt available on the internet. However, you need to pay attention to what type of receipt that suits your needs.

Sample Plumbing Application Permit Receipt Template

Multipurpose Receipt

Generally receipts have the same content. You can find a variety of simple receipts that can be used for various purposes. You need to explain that the template is a receipt, complete with company name, address, item description and amount. The bottom of the item table is the subtotal and signature.

Cash Receipt

This receipt is only used if the buyer uses cash as a payment method. The template is quite simple, namely the date and receipt number in the heading section. Points in the template include received from the amount of payment, for payment of, and received by. Cash recipients must sign the receipt before it is submitted to the buyer.

Sample Printable Business Tax Receipt Application Template

Rent receipt

Room or property rental requires rent receipt as proof. Inside there are not only name of tenant information, but also rent location, the period of rent, and its landlord name. The sum of is usually written according to the duration of the lease. Payment systems commonly used are cash or check.

Packing Slip

Packing slip is also the best printable receipt. Generally these receipts are printed to deliver goods. Bill to and ship to need to be written in full, as well as the name of the company that issued the slip. All purchased items must be clearly described with the order and ship quantity. There is an empty box below the table to write additional notes or comments.

Donation Receipt

Receipt whose purpose is to record donations is different from other types of receipts. This form is only issued by the recipient by stating the donor. In addition, the amount of donations must be clearly stated. A statement of thanks to the donor organization is also included in the receipt. Signature is only filled in by the recipient.

Advantage of Best Printable Receipt

  1. Record

A business expense record is very important evidence. The finance department needs to record what transactions have been made so that the business is not out of budget. In addition, a business can also reflect on budgeting in the event of a violation or wasteful act.

  1. Summary

Consumption or purchase habits can be concluded with the receipt. For businesses that are pressing budgeting, this sheet is very useful for future planning. Maybe you can choose items at lower prices or even cut items that have already been purchased. This will benefit future business prospects.

  1. Verification

Receipt is a valid proof of purchase. For businesses, this is a very important manner. Each expense has its own record with strong supporting evidence. You can ask employees to include receipts every time they buy an item. That way, finance becomes transparent.

Sample Printable Donor Receipt Form Sample Printable House Rent Receipt Template Sample Contractor Receipt for Final Payment Sample Hotel Acknowledgement Receipt Sample Medical Expense Receipt Sample Payment Receipt Template

Instead of making your own receipts, you can choose the best printable receipt that already exist. Usually you only need to edit the content in accordance with the transaction. Pay attention to every content that is written in the sheet. Information must be presented completely, clearly and comprehensively.

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