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7+ Best Moving Checklist Template

Guideline to Make Best Moving Checklist Template

Are you planning to move? Then get your suitcase and let’s start packing! Moving to another city or new home surely can be exciting things. However, this moment also can be a bit exhausting since there will so many items that need to be packed. But don’t worry because the best moving checklist template will help organize your things. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s make your checklist!

Sample Local Moving Checklist Template

What is a Moving Checklist?

Have you not heard about the moving checklist? It is actually not a checklist that moves from one place to another. A moving checklist is a kind of template used to list specific items that need to be packed or brought as moving home. Today, the best moving checklist template is available on the internet with so many designs and styles. Even you can customize it on your own!

Moving Checklist 8 Weeks Before

As creating a moving checklist, you will need several checklists in a certain period. Now, let’s start from the 8 weeks lists. You can start by a walk through your home from one room to another and decide what items need to be moved or discarded. You can donate some items you no longer need. Also, it will be better to contact or hire movers 8 weeks before you move.

Moving Checklist 6 Weeks Before

6 weeks to go for moving! At this time, you need to get packing supplies. Buy some boxes in different sizes to pack your things. Bubble wrap, containers, packing paper, are also important. If you think that your new home won’t be ready for staying, you probably can book a hostel or guest house for one to two nights.

Moving Checklist 4 Weeks Before

Your moving schedule is getting close! Now, let’s start packing your items. Start from the rare ones such as books, pictures, toys, and others. Moreover, save the most frequent items from being packed later. Pack your things separately, and you can give notes or label on each to make you easier locating the items. At this time, you also need to change and notify your new address to your bank, office, and others.

Sample Moving Abroad Checklist Template

Moving Checklist 2 Weeks Before

Since your moving day is getting closer and closer, you need to check the movers. Also, you should clear out your items form storage units. Pack other items which you think won’t be needed for two weeks later. Do not forget to clean several areas of your house.

Moving Checklist 1 Weeks Before

Last but not least, one more week to go before moving. Here, you need to pack all your items. Pack your back and make sure you have one bag that consists of your clothes for changing in one last week. Also, make sure to unplug any electrical things such as refrigerator, TV, and others. Make sure the below items are unpacked right before the moving day.

  • Credit card
  • Changing clothes
  • Jewelry
  • Important docs (birth certificate, passport, etc.)
  • Phone charger
  • Snacks
  • Cash

Sample Office Moving Checklist Template Sample Business Moving Checklist Template Sample College Moving Checklist Template Sample Free Moving Checklist Template Sample House Moving Checklist Template 2

Creating the best moving checklist template truly can be a bit exhausting. However, this checklist will help you organize things and avoid you missed an item as moving. Nowadays, you can use a free template on the internet and edit it based on your needs. Make sure all needed items are listed, so you can enjoy packing your bag!

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