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7+ Behavior Checklist Template

Creating a Simple Behavior Checklist Template

Every human actually has its own behavior. Some behavior can be changed, and some are staying. We can understand and learn someone’s behavior by using a behavior checklist template. This kind of template is very useful to control and review the progress of behavior. Also, the template will help you figure out what things should be done as monitoring the behavior matters.

Sample Behavior Checklist In DOC

What is actually a behavior checklist template?

You probably never heard about the behavior checklist before. Just like its name, a behavior checklist is a kind of spreadsheet consists of some information related to someone’s behavior. It can be you, your children, employee, and others. This one is normally used in a certain condition where you need to monitor someone’s behavior in a certain period.

Sample Behavior Observation Checklist

What Should Be Added In Behavior Checklist?

Some of you may think this checklist will be free to create. However, there are several things that need to be concerned since you are going to observe the progress of someone’s behavior. Commonly, the behavior checklist template will include several things as below:

  • The behavior lists. Here, there will be a column consists of a list of behavior which will be monitored. The lists will depend on the situation and condition.
  • As observing the behavior progress, it surely takes some time. You can freely use the template, whether it will be a daily, weekly, or monthly behavior checklist.
  • Personal details. Some checklists are used for certain groups. In order to avoid errors, personal detail needs to be added on the template.
  • Since it is used to see behavior progress, you need a column for writing the details. Otherwise, you can also use thick, score, or sign column to see the progress.

Student Behavior Checklists

A behavior checklist template can be used for many conditions, including in observing student’s behavior. This kind of template will list several behaviors such as their attendance, activities on class, motivation and effort, and others. Therefore, both teachers and parents can see the progress and know exactly what kind of steps should be done after reviewing the checklists.

Sample Employee Behavior Checklist

Classroom Activities Behavior Checklist

Classroom behavior is commonly used by the teacher to see the behavior of students in a class, whether they are active or not. Do the students often ask a question or not? Do they ever miss a class? All will be recorded and monitored in this template. Therefore, you can easily score each student’s behavior.

Driving Behavior Checklist

A driving behavior contains relevant behavior of the driving activity. This normally used to see whether someone is already capable or not in driving. Several behaviors such as safety belt use, speed limits, intersection stops, and turn signal use become important things that commonly added on the template.

Employee Behavior Checklist

Each employee surely has different behavior. Employee behavior can help you monitor how each employee behaves in the workplace. This template can help you decide as scoring employee’s work performance, whether they are active or not. Or do they ever miss their job? All behavior can be easily tracked in this template.

Sample Preschool Behavior Checklist Sample Student Behavior Checklist Template Sample Addiction Behavior Checklist Sample Behavior Checklist for Classroom

Making a behavior checklist is actually simple. However, as making this checklist, you need to put relevant behavior on the list. The behavior can be written in words, sentences, phrases, or keywords. However, make sure to keep it simple and don’t put too much information.

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