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6+ Backpacking Checklist Template

Backpacking Checklist: Must-Bring Items for a Backpacker

Traveling can be very fun and challenging if you are a backpacker. When it comes to backpacking, you need to make sure that all equipment is enough in one backpack only. Selecting which items that should be put on a backpack is kind of confusing. That is why you need a backpacking checklist. It will make you easier packing your backpacking stuff.

Sample Checklist for Backpacking Hunting 1

How to make a backpacking checklist

Creating a checklist for backpacking is actually both fun and confusing. There are several things that must be concerned about packing your stuff. You need to make sure that all your needed items packed in one backpack. Here’s what you need to as listing the backpacker stuff.

  1. Decide the destination. Before creating a checklist, make sure you already decide what kind of places you will visit. A mountain or beach? Outdoor or Indoor areas? Is it in another city or country? Make sure to list all the places in detail.
  2. Create itineraries. After deciding the destinations, now it will be better if you create the itineraries. Therefore, you will know exactly how long you will travel and how much food or clothes you will need.
  3. List the needed items on the list. Nowadays, making a checklist for backpacking is simple. You can just download the template and put all the needed items and details on the list. You also can customize the format and design as you wish.

Backpacking Stuff: Things to put on a backpack

Creating a backpacking checklist sometimes makes you exhausting since you will get confused as choosing the items. The needed items for backpacking are actually different depending on the destination. Some general items that mostly added to the lists are water bottles, a pair of clothes, shoes, toiletries, food or snack, a camera, and of course, a backpack.

Food Checklist for Backpacking

Backpacking can be very exhausting sometimes. Make sure to bring enough food while traveling. Put some instant backpacker meals which have a small size such as a noodle cup of bread. Also, do not forget to bring some lightweight snacks like a candy bar, snickers, or biscuit.

Sample Summer Backpacking Gear Checklist

Backpacker Clothes Checklist

Backpacking won’t need a lot of clothes. Bringing two or four sets of clothing will be enough for your trip. Avoid putting unnecessary and weight clothes. It is better to bring more shirts which are lightweight to bring and foldable.

Toiletries Backpacking Lists

Toiletries is another important but unnecessary to bring since it needs more space and heavy. It is better to bring toothpaste, toothbrush, shampoo, and body wash in travel size. Avoid bringing too much makeup, but make sure you put sunscreen on the list.

Entertainment Checklist

Traveling can be a bit boring sometimes. Make sure to bring a book, kindle, or cards, so you can use it on your way to your destination. Otherwise, bringing headphones also can be very helpful. Just plug your headset, and let the music accompanies your journey.

Sample Survival Backpack Equipment Checklist Sample Weekend Backpacking Checklist Sample Backpacking Essentials Checklist Sample Backpacking Gear Checklist

Arranging a backpacking checklist is actually a simple thing to do. Make sure you know exactly what places will be your destination and how long you will stay in each place. Making itineraries can be very useful for arranging the checklist. Therefore, your trip will be more organized.

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