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9+ Background Check Forms Template

Download These Free Background Check Forms Before Hiring Employees

An employer cannot accept an application without knowing the personal background. It is due to the company safety whether the person is clean from an unpleasant record or not. For example, if your candidate has a criminal record, then it is impossible if you accept him/her because this might disturb your business growth, even damage other employees. Therefore, having the background check forms is important.

Certified Record Check Request Form 1

A background check is a process of investigating a person in some aspects such as economic, political structure, and social. This is an essential process that the employer should collect information about the candidate to see whether he/she is an honest person with integrity. Who knows if the candidate is lying?

Furthermore, the document records all the details about the concerned person including the private details. Therefore, the details to be investigated is employee check, volunteer investigation, criminal record, and another similar aspect.

Employment Background Check

Around 72% of employers always do a background check to some people they are hiring. It is typically for someone who is applying for a position, for example, the semi-annual drug test and also criminal background check for their employees to establish a safe working environment.

Criminal Background Check Form 1

To run this employment background check, the employer needs the candidate’s general information including Social Security Number, current address and the candidate’s consent too. Typically, the information checking is from the past 7 years but some states allow for 10 years ago. Therefore, always check your local regulation.

The employment background check includes the criminal record, driving record, credit history, education, social media, medical history and also drug screening.

How about the cost of the background check? Well, it varies. But the very basic background checks range from $30 per person until $100. It depends on the screening vendor.

Criminal Background Check

The criminal background check is very special which is usually required when a person wants to join an organization. This process includes criminal activity, fraud, sex crimes, embezzlement and also felony convictions. Employers will need to do this before making a decision. Besides, it doesn’t only apply to the employment, but also military enlistment, adoption, and also firearm purchase.

Employee Background Check Form 1

The information that needs to be recorded in the criminal background check includes:

  • Sex offender registries
  • National criminal databases
  • Domestic and also global terrorist watch lists
  • County criminal courts
  • Federal and State criminal records

However, keep in mind that each state has a different criminal background check. Therefore, you need to check your local law.

Universal Background Check

The universal background check can be done through a certain state system, for example, the National Instant Background Check System (NICS). This universal background check is designed for a manufacturer, licensed importer, seller, and dealer to determine whether this party is eligible to purchase the firearm.

E-Verify Background Checks

E-verify is used by the employers which they need this for verifying the employment eligibility of the candidate.

Release Form for Background Check 1 Volunteer Background Check Form 1 Background Check Authorization Form DOC 1 Background Check Disclosure Form 1 Background Check Record Form 1 Background Consent Check Form 1

Download our background check forms designed by professional. These templates are editable and customizable so you can suit it with your need!

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