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8+ Background Check Authorization Form Template

Free Download Background Check Authorization Form For Any Kind Of Purposes

Background checks are getting common. It is not only used by the creditors and landlords but also employers who are seeking a new candidate. This is an essential process to check the people historical life and to help you decide whether the person is fulfilling your criteria or not. Let’s take an example. You are an employer who will let your employee use the company vehicle. Even though this is for your business growth, being careful is totally OK. You can check the personal background of your employee-related to the driving record. This will help you to decide this person is capable to drive your vehicle which means this can minimize any kind of loss due to certain things like an accident. Therefore, if you often do this, you need to have the background check authorization form.

Background Check Authorization Form

How Do The Background Check Authorization Form Help You?

Our site provides the background check authorization form which you can use as the legal document to do the background check. This means the authorities vide the credit to the person after the interrogation. In this case, the result of this process should be written on this document.

Print Background Check Authorization Form

You can download the templates on this page for free. It is available in various format with various design and layout. Their many options you can pick according to your need.

What Does The Background Check Cover?

However, the background check will vary depending on the screening requirement. If you are an employer, landlord or creditor, of course, the form will be different. Besides, there are various aspects you need to consider. For example in the employee background check, the employer should check the following thing:

  • Driving record
  • Credit report
  • Employment History
  • Criminal record

How To Get An Authorization When You Decide To Run A Background Check?

You will need to obtain authorization and provide proper disclosure. Each state will apply different rules, for example in The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) requires authorization before a person doing a background check for employment and tenant. The application should be separated from the tenant or employment application. Furthermore, the person who is doing a background check later should provide the cope of the Rights summary under FCRA.

Printable Background Authorization Form

Certain details such as name, date of birth, address, social security, etc should be provided in the form. Make sure you will also list the checks you are going to do and state the information will be used only for making a decision.

When Is It OK To Do The Background Check?

During the internet age, it is very easy to do this check. Conversely, in the past, you will need to do multiple trips and spend a hundred dollars for doing the manual checks. Keep in mind that you are Ok to do the background check of a person after you get the authorization. Besides, let the person know about it and tell the person that you do this for the decision process.

Sample Background Check Authorization Form Simple Background Check Authorization Form Word Form Background Check Authorization Form Background Check Authorization Form Background Check Authorization Form templates

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