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5+ Babysitter Information Sheet Template

What You Must Know about Babysitter Information Sheet

Entrusting your kids under the care of a babysitter is not something that can be done lightly. However, sometimes you cannot avoid hiring a babysitter because you must attend an event or have a business to do. When this occasion arises, you must make sure that everything is well prepared, including the babysitter information sheet. Therefore, there won’t be a bad thing happen to your kids.

Sample Template Free Babysitter Information Sheet

What is Babysitter Information Sheet?

Babysitter information sheet is a document that must be left with the babysitter when parents are not at home. This document has some important information so that the babysitter knows what to do in case an emergency occurs. Therefore, you can leave your kids under the care of babysitter with more peace of mind.

Sample Template Printable Babysitter Information Sheet

The Information that Must be Included in it

There is some important information that you must put on this document.

1.  Contact information of the parents

This information will allow your babysitter to contact you if something happen to the kids or if she has certain questions to ask you.

2.  The place where the parents are at that time and its contact information

With this information, she knows where you are and how to reach you if she cannot reach you via your phone number.

3.  Kids’ information such as full name, nickname, date of birth, allergies, and etc.

It is important for the babysitter to know all the basic information of your kids and health conditions. Therefore, she can take care of them based on their conditions.

4.  The address of the house and its direction

It is important for the babysitter to know the address of your house. Therefore, she can safely bring the kids home when they are not at home.

5.  Nearest hospitals

This information will allow her to bring the kids to the nearest hospital if something happen to your kids.

6.  Important or emergency phone numbers

Most babysitter may have known those emergency numbers. However, there’s nothing wrong to state it in this document.

7.  The tasks which must be done by the kids

With this information, your babysitter will be able to manage the kid’s time or activities.

How to Make this Document

Making this document is pretty easy. You can download a ready-made babysitter information sheet to make it. This ready-made document has some forms that you need to fill out. Therefore, you will be able to make it easily and quickly. After filling out all the important information, you can print it and leave it with the baby sitter.

Sample Template Simple Babysitting Information Sheet Sample Template Babysitter Contact Information Sheet Sample Template Babysitter Job Information Sheet

This ready-made document is available for free. It can be edited on various computer programs. Therefore, you will be able to make this document with no difficulties.

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